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Innovative Education Support Fund

The BCGEU Innovative Education Support Fund is to maintain and promote high quality education, diversity and access to programs and courses. VIU shall provide support for instructors to enhance their practice through encouraging and supporting innovation in instruction that will tangibly improve services to students.

The Fund will strengthen the University's focus on student learning by providing relevant and up-to-date material along with easier access to inspiring learning environments that combine teaching excellence with high quality courses and programs.

The IES Fund includes innovative education support for the following areas:

  1. Instructor Supports
  2. Student Supports
  3. Curriculum Development and Professional Development (CDPD) Supports

Applications are accepted year round while funding is available and is based on fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). 

To Apply:

  • Review Eligibility and Fact Sheet Sections Below
  • Application Form (PDF)
  • Application Form (Word)
  • Forward your application to BCGEU IES Support member ( 
  • Apply as soon as possible. Applications are viewed at set intervals. CDPD requests must be submitted by the deadline indicated under the Fact Sheet below. All other requests that fall under Instructor and/or Student Supports can be submitted at any time. 


BCGEU Leave and Fund Scenarios

  • IES Fund is available to non-regular and regular BCGEU instructors and students enrolled in a BCGEU program.
  • The activity or event must fall within the fiscal year the funds are committed.
  • Instructors can apply for CDPD support if they have not already maxed their 4 weeks of CDPD in the year. The support covers replacement costs for the instructor.
  • For Instructor Support and Student Support initiatives, a maximum of $10,000 per year can be provided, while funds are available. 
  • Multiple applications can be submitted per year as long as they fall within the funding maximums.
  • The Committee will give priority to applicants who have not already been approved for funding in the current fiscal.
  • Notice of new fiscal year open to receive applications will be announced to all BCGEU employees by e-mail.
  • Committee will give priority to applicants who have not already been approved for funding in the current fiscal.
  • APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Complete the application form, receive appropriate approval signatures, and submit along with any supporting documentation required by the committee to the EIS Fund Support member.
    • Completed applications will be forwarded to the BCGEU EIS Fund Committee for consideration.
    • For Instructor Support and Student Support initiatives, applications can be received year round, while funding is available.
    • Applications are to be signed off by the Department Chair and Senior Administrator.
    • Applications that include CDPD requests must be signed off by the Senior Administrator.
    • For CDPD requests, applications must be submitted within the deadline window:
      • Application deadline is January 31 for the April 1 to July 31 period
      • Application deadline is May 31 for the August 1 to November 30 period
      • Application deadline September 30 for the December 1 to March 31 period
  • Activity or event must fall within the fiscal year the funds are committed.
  • To receive funds (Employee):
    • First option (Employees Only): For third party vendors (invoice provided), follow the Purchase Order Requisition process (Unit 4 FIS) prior to purchasing. Request the approval email to (required to open a PO). It is the responsibility of the employee to submit the PO and Sales Order.
    • Second option (Employees Only): If the costs are paid by the employee directly, an expense claim form would be required with receipts and submitted to the Committee Support Member ( for approval and processing to accounts payable. 
  • To receive funds (Student):
    • First option (Student Only): Submit the Special Form - Work Order payment scholarship and bursary form, to for approval with the receipts. Form is available through Accounts Receivable department. Only eligible expenses will be approved for reimbursement.
    • Second option (Student Only): If you are working with your department or faculty on this funding request, the department may be willing to submit invoices on your behalf through the Purchase Order Requisition process. However, they are not obligated to do this and it is the responsibility of the student to coordinate how costs associated with the funding request will be paid for.
  • Expenses are reimbursed after the date of the activity/event, if paid for directly by the applicant.
  • Members are to provide a report of the activity and accomplishments which they received funding for and submit it within two (2) months following the completion of the activity/accomplishment to the Committee. The report, with consent of the member, will be published on the EIS Fund webpage.

IES Fund Committee is a joint committee that comprises of 2 BCGEU and 2 Management members.

  • Daryl Pushor (Chair), Automotive Programs
  • Charlene Stewart, Adult Basic Education
  • Maxwell Stevenson, Director, CIEL
  • Lynda Phillips, Associate Dean, HHS

IES Fund Support - Kamala Haughton, Employee Relations Associate

As this is a new Fund, there are no past reports available at this time. 

  1. Instructor Supports - Related and tangible classroom supports will be developed to improve the learning experiences of students, for example:
    1. Creative application of technology
    2. In-class cultural liaisons
    3. Training and awareness of positive mental health
    4. Ability to develop enhancements to current programs, or create new programs that improve the level of success of the diverse student
  2. Student Supports - To achieve greater levels of success within VIU programs, student support initiatives might include:
    1. Peer support programs
    2. Numeracy and literacy supports
    3. Communication skills workshops
    4. Tutor supports
    5. Study skills enhancements and time management guidance
  3. CDPD Supports
    1. Replacement costs for the time the instructor is away on CDPD
    2. Up to a maximum of 4 weeks, while funds are available
      1. Maximum 4 weeks is includes any CDPD weeks already scheduled within the instructors annual workload. For example, if 2 weeks is already scheduled within the instructor's annual workload, but another 2 weeks cannot be accommodated in the workload without incurring replacement costs, then the instructor can apply for 2 weeks of CDPD Support through this fund. This will equate to a total of 4 weeks CDPD for the instructor in their annual workload.

Example of a scenario using multiple funds:

An instructor in the Dental Assistant program wishes to take a training course on Dental 3-D printing. This is new technology to dentistry and requires specific training, software, and machinery. The instructor would like to incorporate this into the Dental Assistant program. A possible avenue available is for the instructor to apply for the BCGEU Short-Term Assisted Leave (2 weeks) and submit an IES fund application for the course and up to 2 weeks of CDPD (Instructor does not have any scheduled CDPD in their workload for the academic year), and also include costs up to $10,000 for the 3-D printing, software, and travel costs to the training. The 2 weeks of CDPD will allow the instructor to update the curriculum to include 3-D dental printing. The IES funding request also includes confirmation from the department and IT that they will support ongoing maintenance and any annual fees for the software.