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RENEW Employee Well-Being

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VIU provides access to multiple REsources Now for Employee Well-being.

Recharge, revitalize and renew your well-being by exploring valuable services and useful information across six vital dimensions.

  1. Social & Community: Cultivate meaningful connections and healthy relationships with resources on communication, social engagement, and community participation.
  2. Physical & Nutritional: Prioritize your health with exercise routines, nutrition guidance, and tips for a balanced lifestyle.
  3. Mental & Emotional: Enhance your mental resilience with mindfulness practices, stress management techniques, and mental health support.
  4. Spiritual & Creative: Explore avenues for creative expression, self-discovery, and spiritual nourishment.
  5. Financial: Gain control over your financial well-being through financial planning, budgeting, and investment guidance.
  6. Intellectual & Career: Stimulate your mind with opportunities for learning, skill development, career management, and intellectual growth.

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New for 2023-2024, the Well-Being Speakers Series with a newly curated topic each month. 

Employee and Family Assistance available 24/7 at 1.800.663.1142 or visit Homewood Health. 

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