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Thrive Here: Employee Well-Being

Many resources and supports available to you in the Thrive Here website. Use this information to support your well-being as well as for your family and your loved ones. 

The Wellness Wheel

Healthy living means making positive choices that enhance your well-being across the dimensions of wellness: physical, nutritional, intellectual, social & community, mental & emotional, and spiritual. VIU supports your well-being through a wide variety of resources.

We all want to be well-rounded. We can ask ourselves: Where is my wheel a little flat? Explore these pages to learn more and pump up any wellness dimension that needs a little extra attention.

Use  this template to create your own Thrive Here Action Plan. Identify the elements of well-being in each dimension in your life and add in the  ways you can enhance your own self-care and well-being. Use this personal action plan to keep your well-being top of mind.

wellness wheel

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Mental & Emotional Well-Being

Explore resources to support your mental and emotional well-being.

Physical Well-Being

Explore resources to support your physical well-being.

Nutritional Well-Being

Explore resources to support your nutritional well-being.

Intellectual Well-Being

Explore resources to support your intellectual well-being.

Social and Community Well-Being

Explore resources to support your social and community well-being.

Spiritual Well-Being

Explore resources to support your spiritual well-being.

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Human Resources team

Click through for resources to support your effective leadership.

Manager Resources

In a crisis or need support right now
Call the Vancouver Island Crisis Line available 24/7: 1.888.494.3888

Not an employee? Visit Student Thrive

Employee and Family Assistance available 24/7 at 1.800.663.1142 or visit Homewood Health. 

  • Our Customer Account Name: Vancouver Island University
  • Our Invitation Code: BCI714 [note: 3 capital letters followed by 3 numbers]

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