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Social + Community Well-Being

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Did you know that having a strong social network and healthy relationships can improve general health? Positive social and community connections can help us manage stress more effectively and build resiliency, while also supporting physical and mental/emotional wellness.

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Teaching Inclusivity and Inclusive Language Resources

We all need to feel wholly accepted as individuals. We also need to know that we have equal footing with others, despite our differences. These are some of the broad fundamentals of inclusivity, a form of social and community well-beingLanguage is essential to helping to create inclusive environments. Learn more about inclusivity and inclusive language through reading this article or watching this brief video. Find out more by learning how the United Nations promotes inclusivity with guidelines for gender-inclusive language and disability-inclusive communications

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CAREGIVING – ONLINE ARTICLES: Caregiving by its nature is not something that can be added on top of your daily activities in a neat, stress-free package. It must be integrated with our many other responsibilities, and for that we must acquire new knowledge and a different set of skills. Login to Homewood Health to check out a variety of caregiving resources, including articles on self-care for the sandwich generation, elder and family care, and respite care.

Employee and Family Assistance Program: Family—whether traditional or non-traditional—may be considered the first or primary community in our lives. Homewood Health’s Employee and Family Assistance Program provides support for both employees and their immediate family/dependants – counselling, Life Smart coaching for elder/family care, parenting, legal issues, financial and more.

Work Teams are a source of social support. Those water cooler and coffee chats are a type of informal connection between colleagues that enhances social well-being. Positive professional relationships—particularly between employee and direct supervisor—are a significant facilitator of fewer, shorter medical leaves and successful returns to work.

United Way: Do you love where you live? Do you want to make this community even stronger? Show your local love. When people in local communities struggle, the United Way is there to help by bringing together the right people, the right information and investing in programs to make change happen. We can also increase our own sense of well-being when we can give to others in our community.

Roots to Thrive Blog: Subscribe to the Roots to Thrive blog, led by Dr. Shannon Dames at VIU, be kept in the loop with the latest news, resources, and events related to thriving. There are articles on a variety of topics including Recognizing Interconnectedness as We Cultivate Community. This is an open access program, available to all! Spread the word so we can continue connecting people to resources that remind us of our common humanity, promoting connection and wholeness.

Know about a club or other means of social connection at VIU? Email Benefits@viu.cato share the information.

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