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Our VIU website has answers to almost every VIU-related question you can think of, but it’s really, really big, and despite everyone’s best efforts to organize the information in the most effective way possible, sometimes those answers seem elusive, don’t they? The problem is finding what you need quickly and easily, because let’s face it; you don’t always have time to track down the information. You want those answers now!

That’s why the staff in the Registration Centre has created these pages. We’re helpful folk, and we want you to have written explanations of the most common academic policies, rules and regulations you are likely to encounter in your dealings with us. You'll find information here about various Registration-related tasks like how to get a class list or how to enter your final grades. We want this to be easy to understand, so we’ve opted for “plain speak” as much as possible.

I hope you find these pages helpful.

Fred Jacklin