aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

Getting Started

Welcome to VIU -- we are glad you're here. Our motto, Matter Here, applies to each person, and it is our goal to make sure that you feel like you are part of the VIU experience. Our aim here is to provide an easy transition into your new work environment.

Your orientation package also included this important information

Your Area Assistant will be able to assist you with

  • Arranging an email account
  • Arranging a telephone & voicemail access
  • Arranging for long distance telephone access
  • Review the department organizational chart
  • Ordering supplies
  • Ordering business cards, if necessary 
  • Getting necessary access key cards
  • Access to the centralized printing system (Find-Me)

Unit4 Email Notifications

Watch for this email address in your inbox: VIU DoNotReply <>!  This is not spam! It is the Aurora IntellAgents email address that sends you notifications from the Unit4 system.  This is the tool used to send email notifications to employees. It might be for an upcoming task, or a reminder of an upcoming certification expiry, etc.

Please remember to

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Human Resources Advisor.