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Employee Health, Well-Being and Benefits

At VIU, we prioritize your health, well-being, and benefits. These webpages offer valuable information on at-work support, workplace accommodation, benefits and pensions, maternity and parental leaves, medical leaves, as well as manager-specific resources, ensuring you have easy access to the tools you need for a successful and well-supported work experience.

Contact Us:

Josephine McNeilly

Specialist, Health, Well-Being and Benefits
Phone: 250.740.6432

  • Well-being initiatives 
  • Return to Work 
  • Joint Early Intervention Program (CUPE) 
  • Joint Rehabilitation Committees 
  • Medical Leaves / STD / LTD 
  • Benefits Communications 
  • Disability Accommodations 

Dana Swarts

Employee Benefits Coordinator
Phone: 250.740.6607

  • Employee Benefits
  • Pension Transfer of Service
  • Pension Purchase of Service
  • Employee Sick Leave Administration
  • Joint Rehabilitation Committees

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