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Relocation Allowance

VIU will assist newly hired employees with the costs associated with moving their primary residence to accommodate their new VIU position by providing a relocation allowance. See Policy 43.22 Relocation Allowance.

Qualification for the Relocation Allowance

Relocation allowance is available to full-time  or part-time regular employees hired to Vancouver Island University for the first time. The relocation allowance for Executive Positions is subject to negotiations at the time of hire.

The allowance is available to employees relocating their primary residence to a distance that is at least 40 km (by the shortest usual public route) closer to the VIU location of work.

The employee is responsible for making all relocation arrangements.

Calculating the Allowance Amount

The relocation allowance will be dependent upon where the employee has relocated from:

  • Employee relocates from a region within British Columbia will receive $2,500
  • Employee relocates from regions within North America, outside of British Columbia will receive $5,000
  • Employee relocates from a region world-wide, outside of North America will receive $10,000

Accessing Funds

After accepting a VIU position, an employee may request the issuance of the relocation allowance.

Reporting and Compliance

The University complies with all applicable federal and provincial income tax reporting requirements for the relocation allowance. The allowance provided is taxable and will be subject to all required statutory deductions when issued.  The employee may be entitled to claim actual moving expenses in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. 

The University accepts no responsibility for the manner in which the employee completes their income tax return with the provision of any information and is not providing any form of tax advice.  The University suggests that the employee seek advice from their professional tax advisor if assistance is required in interpreting any of this information or in preparation of income tax returns.