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Well-Being Events

Watch this space for upcoming events including news on the Well-Being Speaker Series, with monthly live webinars to provide education, guidance, and support to enhance your wellness, with a focus on a different wellness dimension each month.

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Eating Plan for Stress Management

Well-Being Dimension: Physical & Nutritional 
Stress is a common workplace challenge that can have an impact on well-being. Eating habits play a significant role in helping the body combat stress; yet as stress mounts, even healthy employees can see their eating habits deteriorate. In this session, we will learn how the right foods can increase our energy levels, boost our immune defence, and allow for mental clarity. This live virtual session will also explore what we can do to maintain a balanced diet to promote our stress management capabilities. 

  • When: March 6, 2024 from 12:00 noon-1:00pm Pacific

  • Location: TEAMS

  • Speaker: Homewood Health

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Upcoming Sessions

APRIL: Managing Your Career

Managing one’s own career is vital for well-being. It gives our autonomy over own professional growth, enhances satisfaction and fulfilment, promotes learning and growth, helps of build resilience, contributes to our financial security and work-life harmony, and fosters purpose and meaning. In this live, interactive webinar under the Intellectual & Career well-being dimension, we will explore key aspects such as values alignment, career goals, resume building, interview skills, professionalism, strategic planning, and impression management. Participants will leave with actionable steps to pursue, and information on the resources available to support each of us in managing our own career.

MAY: Trauma-Informed Workplaces – Half-Day Live Virtual Workshop

Trauma is prevalent in our world and has an impact on many of the people we interact with, including our colleagues and those who engage with our organizations. Compassionate and trauma-informed care is essential to building a positive workplace culture and providing effective and sustainable services. This workshop, under Mental & Emotional well-being dimension, explores five key principles to integrate a trauma-informed approach throughout an organization. By embracing these principles, participants can better contribute to the positive transformation of individuals and relationships affected by trauma. Becoming trauma-informed creates a sustainable foundation in any setting to promote strength, engagement, and healing.



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Self-Paced Wellness Sessions

From Homewood Health: You’ve heard about the monthly live wellness sessions under our Speaker Series for Employee Well-Being. Now some of Homewood Health’s most popular Wellness Sessions have been condensed and made available as a self-directed service! Jam-packed days? These sessions are 15-30 minutes, and you can stop and start as desired. To find the sessions:

  1. Log into Homeweb, using VIU’s invitation code:  BCI714 (note: 3 capital letters, 3 numbers). 
  2. Then navigate your Dashboard:  
  3. Browse Homeweb:
  4. Then click on the Wellness Sessions button online to find the following sessions: 
  • The Science of Happiness
  • The Journey to Wellness: One Step at a Time
  • The Fundamentals of Change and Transition
  • The Art of Relaxation
  • Managing your Time and Energy
  • Improving Workplace communication
  • Building Working Relationships
  • Building Resilience
  • Beyond Stigma

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For more information on this and other well-being events, visit the RENEW pages. Questions? Email