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Well-Being Events

Watch this space for upcoming events including news on the Well-Being Speaker Series, with monthly live webinars to provide education, guidance, and support to enhance your wellness, with a focus on a different wellness dimension each month.

Upcoming Sessions

June Teladoc webinar: "But you look fine?" Understanding Brain Injuries

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, an estimated 165,000 Canadians suffer from a traumatic brain injury each year. Join Dr. Serena Natale in this webinar which aims to explore the complexities of brain injuries, emphasizing that many symptoms are not visible. Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  1. Gain an understanding brain injuries and concussions, including a comprehensive symptom overview.
  2. Learn about Post-Concussion Syndrome, when symptoms from a mild traumatic brain injury persist for over three months.
  3. Explore various treatment approaches and strategies for improvement, which may include targeted approaches, like cognitive-behavioral therapy for psychological and emotional support.


    Mental Health Training - On-Demand

    This Mental Health Training course will help equip you with tools to support mental wellness in the workplace. Designed for leaders but useful for everyone, this 4-part online course is free and available on-demand. The course focuses on workplace strategies that support mental health:

    1. Mental health concerns in the Canadian workplace 
    2. Managing mental health concerns in the workplace 
    3. Supporting employee success 
    4. Organizational strategies for supporting mental health

    Access the training modules to review real workplace situations and employee/employer interactions and obtain the skills and information you need to support workplace mental wellness. 

    Self-Paced Wellness Sessions

    From Homewood Health: You’ve heard about the monthly live wellness sessions under our Speaker Series for Employee Well-Being. Now some of Homewood Health’s most popular Wellness Sessions have been condensed and made available as a self-directed service! Jam-packed days? These sessions are 15-30 minutes, and you can stop and start as desired. To find the sessions:

    1. Log into Homeweb, using VIU’s invitation code:  BCI714 (note: 3 capital letters, 3 numbers). 
    2. Then navigate your Dashboard:  
    3. Browse Homeweb:
    4. Then click on the Wellness Sessions button online to find the following sessions: 
    • The Science of Happiness
    • The Journey to Wellness: One Step at a Time
    • The Fundamentals of Change and Transition
    • The Art of Relaxation
    • Managing your Time and Energy
    • Improving Workplace communication
    • Building Working Relationships
    • Building Resilience
    • Beyond Stigma

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    For more information on this and other well-being events, visit the RENEW pages. Questions? Email