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Search Committee Support

Ensuring Diversity in the Search Process

In our journey towards greater diversity, we encourage search committees to draw on these resources in order to incorporate equity diversity and inclusion into our hiring practices.

We are here to assist you, through the options in the Menu on the right-hand side of the screen and these resources, below:

Setting up the Search Committee

Applicant and Candidate Evaluation

EDI Competencies

Autonomy and Resiliency

Takes initiative and contributes to creating a safe and inclusive work environment.

Civic Engagement

Believes in the importance of working within and learning from diverse groups, communities and cultures.

Demonstrates an understanding of complex social issues from multiple viewpoints.


Recognize how combining others’ perspectives, strategies, and efforts with their own enhances collective understanding, use, and impact.

Understands the value of the contributions of group members, interacts supportively and effectively using inclusive practices, and strives for shared commitment and mutual benefit.

Cultural Agility

Works respectfully, knowledgeably and effectively with Indigenous people. Noticing and readily adapting to cultural uniqueness to create a sense of safety for all. 

Demonstrates capacity to relate to or allow for differing cultural perspectives and being willing to experience a personal shift in perspective.


Interacts and communicates messages appropriately, taking into consideration the participants’ cultural and historical context and implicit expectations.

Considers, understands, negotiates and balances various points of view and beliefs in order to find solutions that are inclusive, feasible and acceptable to all individuals.


Demonstrates active listening, accepting another’s message and staying focused on their experience rather than reacting.

Demonstrates an understanding that the behaviour may be connected to something outside the immediate situation. 

Lifelong Learning

Welcomes learning and training opportunities to excel at work.

Demonstrates curiosity and is self-motivated to improve and develop understanding 

Process orientation

Ability to set aside mainstream ways of achieving results and instead follow culturally respectful processes that also produce results. 


Learns from their mistakes and seeks answers and ways to improve.

The ability to understand one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behaviour across contexts. 

Sustained Learning and Development

Ability to build and maintain respectful and effective relationships with Indigenous people. Central to this competency is appreciating that there are many other cultural understandings of knowledge and ways of working that have legitimacy and deserve respect – and therefore require our continual learning and development, including direct exposure to cultural and community practices. 

Source: BC Government