aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

A Message from the President

A Message from President Deborah Saucier

VIU President, Debra Saucier

I want to personally thank you each and every one of you for your dedication and loyalty to Vancouver Island University. For a post-secondary institution to thrive, we need a rich mixture of insights, education, backgrounds and experiences. Your knowledge is tremendously important in ensuring we stay on course. 

When new employees join us, they seek guidance from those who have come before. They learn the high calibre that is expected of them thanks to the example you set. The strong foundation you have helped build at VIU allows us to create an innovative, flexible and accessible institution that lifts our students up and shows them the bright futures that await.

Thank you for choosing to invest your precious time and energy into VIU. On behalf of all employees and students, we are grateful.