aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

VIU Retirees

The Vancouver Island University campus community thrives because of our outstanding employees who have and continue to play an integral role in our institution’s growth and development. VIU appreciates the contribution of its current and past employees and is committed to providing ongoing service privileges and opportunities for those employees who are retiring. Scroll down to view the pathways of exploration for VIU retirees.

Congratulations Retirees!

Wishing VIU Retirees Well!

We wanted to take a moment to recognize a special group of VIU employees who are entered retirement as of April 1, 2022. These individuals have contributed greatly to VIU’s culture and the success of our students for years and even decades. 

To the Retirees: We wish you all the very best in the next phase of your life and know you will always be an important member of the VIU community. Thank you for your hard work and dedication throughout your time here.  

­­­­Andrew Speed

David Butler

Karen Baxter Thistle

Kathleen Hayden

Francis Van Den Dam

Apryl Hahn

Gordon Cowen

David Butler

Jacobus van Doorn

Shona Panek

Mary Gower

Elizabeth Eccles

Sandra Moreside

Rosalind Davies

Sharon Dalziel

Robert Campbell

Allen Turner

David Butler

Megan Shevchenko

Dawn Kupchanko

Karen Baxter Thistle

Catherine Fee

Eve Novotny

Laura Morrow

Francis Van Den Dam

Delores Louie

Mary Gower

Kathryn McColl

Robert Pepper-Smith

John Morgan

Deborah Hearn

Keith Jensen

James Waring

William Gough

Kathryn Davis

Lorna McCrae

Harold Joe

Robert Willis

Gregory Bush

Delores Louie

Paul Hamilton

Nattalle Tessier

David Woodward

Elizabeth Cavin

Avner Luxenburg

William Roberson