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Remote Work Orientation Checklist

Thank you for helping prepare and adapt new employees to their VIU roles during a time of remote work. Ensuring our new colleagues are connected and aware of resources, services and the responsibilities of their role makes a large impact in creating a positive work environment.


Please use digital tools such as Zoom meetings, phone and email for onboarding new employees during this temporary period of required remote work. 

  • Email department to Introduce the new employee to coworkers, advise of contact info and start date
  • Add the employee’s contact information to organizational lists – telephone, email and website
  • Confirm with new employee who they contact for questions or assistance: email names of team members, organization chart and contact information
  • Explain the new employee's performance evaluation schedule as outlined in their collective agreement or Administrative contract. 
  • Explain the process for reporting sick time and what actions they must take to have sick time recorded
  • Work with new employee to complete a work from home plan during period of remote work
  • Schedule regular online meetings with the employee

Culture and Policy

  • Have the employee review the policies website, highlighting the pertinent policies or guidelines
  • Give an overview of VIU’s Academic Plan and People Plan
  • Participate in the Strategic Planning project, The Future We Want to See, by adding your voice and input to the process.
  • Review online orientation resources for new employees.


  • Give the employee reference material and information that is needed for the job
  • Direct employee to online VIU systems resources, such as Managing VIU Systems and the 

    Employee Guide to Getting Started with VIU Technology

  • Ensure the new employee is suitably equipped with technology to perform their role: share contact information for IT Helpdesk for troubleshooting
  • Decide what meaningful tasks the new employee will start on and prepare the necessary background material to support that work
  • Confirm with new employee how to connect to VPN and where to store their work 

Future Planning

  • Get the new employee a key fob programmed to allow access to the necessary areas
  • Inform the new employee of the process to get employee photo ID
  • Order business cards, name tag if appropriate and door name plate, if necessary

Topics for Online Discussions

  • Overview of the organization, in general
  • Organization Chart for institution and area/department
  • Explain how the job is related to the others in the organization
  • Share the resources on New Employee Support