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Recipients of the President's Award for Service Excellence

VIU is committed to building a culture of recognition. The President’s Service Excellence awards recognize the efforts of individuals and teams to demonstrate excellence in their area of work, to pursue excellence through actions of integrity and dedication and to demonstrate an ongoing commitment towards the success of VIU and its communities.

Congratulations the recipients of President's Award for Service Excellence for 2020!

Tina McComb

Service Excellence Award for Leadership and Innovation

Tina McComb, Director for the Centre for Experiential Learning (retired, 2020), has been selected the winner for the 2020 President's Service Excellence Award for Leadership and Innovation.

Tina was nominated by several of her colleagues who report, "Tina McComb is an outstanding leader. She has an exceptional ability to lead by example and only operates with the highest integrity. Her strong leadership abilities allow people to feel safe, valued and respected which makes for a very strong work environment where people thrive." 

"Tina has an exceptional work ethic and always works beyond expectations. She has been involved in post-secondary education in BC for over 25 years as a faculty member and administrator, and has demonstrated inspirational leadership throughout. Her doctoral work at SFU focused on the engagement of university women in leadership activities, and she brings these practices to her work every day. For almost 16 years, Tina has been responsible for an incredible amount of leadership across VIU -- in Enrollment Services, Communications, Athletics & Recreation, and most recently in CEL, Student Affairs -- and has left an impactful legacy at VIU that will continue long after her retirement."

The Leadership and Innovation award is presented to the individual who best exemplifies the qualities of generating and driving new ideas, resources and processes; facilitating problem-solving; bringing forth innovative ideas and creative solutions; and fostering an environment of curiosity and creativity. This individual has developed skills and performed beyond established expectations to benefit the University and its communities. They consistently seek opportunities for learning, professional development and growth.

Tina has repeatedly exhibited her acumen, ethics and dedication to VIU through the repeated adaptation of her diverse skill set and prodigious knowledge base to serve the University and its students. All while inspiring others to achieve excellence. Congratulations, Tina!

photo of award winner scott townend

Service Excellence Award for Early Career Impact / Emerging Leader

Scott Townend is an Information Technology Service Desk Analyst and has been selected the winner for the 2020 President's Service Excellence Early Career Impact / Emerging Leader award.

The Emerging Leader award is presented to the VIU employee who is within their first five years of employment and consistently demonstrates the ability to generate and drive new ideas, to contribute to an environment with creative solutions and to consistently engage with an approach of curiosity and creativity. The individual selected as the Emerging Leader has developed skill and performed beyond expectations, demonstrates exceptional initiative, perseverance, accountability and commitment in exceeding client needs and goals. Through this demonstration of extreme competence, the Emerging Leader improves the value, efficiency and sustainability of the service they provide; seeking to continuously improve to benefit the University and the larger community. Scott was nominated by colleagues who describe him as "a curious and creative employee dedicated to solving big issues that create efficiency for the IT department. He improves organizational performance and increases value for clients, enabling IT to meet client needs more quickly and completely. Our entire team is improving as Scott models this behaviour for others."

Congratulations to Scott for being named this year’s Emerging Leader!

photo collage of employees from financial aid

Service Excellence Award for Exemplary Team(work)

The Financial Aid & Awards team (clockwise from top left) led by Jennifer Jensen-Richards with Holly Cyr, Angela Meneghetti, Kristin Smart, Lindsay Hornberger and Audrey Dubyna, has been selected the winner for the 2020 President's Service Excellence Exemplary Team(work) award.

This team received several nominations from colleagues who commented, "Jennifer and her team not only say they have students' best interest at heart, they act on it. The long hours this team put in... illustrates the highest quality that can be expected of a VIU employee: perseverance, selflessness, humility, and servant leadership."

"Through this COVID-19 time, Jennifer has guided her team to the common aim; [of] helping students who are in a very stressful time...[they] put student needs first, while maintaining collaborative relationships, enabling activity like the Emergency Bursary Fund to unfold quickly and seamlessly."

This award is presented to groups of three or more who demonstrate a supportive and engaged collective, working cooperatively for the advancement of VIU’s mission; where their common aim takes priority over individual reward. The award-winning team will have the strength to develop and maintain positive, collaborative relationships and make outstanding contributions to the VIU community.

Congratulations to the Financial Aid & Awards team for your award-winning teamwork!

Suzanne Armour

Service Excellence

Suzanne Armour is the Financial Assistant for the Faculty of Health & Human Services and she has been selected the winner for the 2020 President's Award for Service Excellence.

Several of Suzanne’s colleagues wrote words of support for her work, "When I think of Suzanne, I think of service excellence. Her friendly, calm, focused, and detailed approach to her work as a Financial Assistant to the Dean is crucial to the well-being of the Dean's office team and to the faculty as a whole."

"Suzanne is beyond committed to role as finance assistant. She never leaves an issue unsolved and works in a calm, friendly, and patient manner. She provides the financial sustainability and security our faculty has come to rely upon. She is a stellar employee and colleague."

"Suzanne is an integral part of the Dean's office team. She works with the Dean on required report submissions and with the Dean, Associate Dean, Program Chairs and Professional Development and Training Coordinator to address program and project budget issues."

" Suzanne brings initiative and a sense of accountability in the submissions of HHS budgetary reports and projections…Her work means that HHS is able to meet project deliverables in a clear, concise and accountable manner. We can't imagine where we would be without her." 

The winner of the Service Excellence award is someone who demonstrates exceptional initiative, perseverance, accountability and commitment in meeting their client’s needs project deliverables and goals. This individual will have improved the value, efficiency and sustainability of the services they provide and developed the skills and performance beyond established expectations to benefit the University and its communities.

Congratulations, Suzanne, on being names VIU’s first recipient of the Service Excellence award!