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Work Wellness, Medical Leaves & Rehabilitation

Employee and Family Assistance Program, Available 24/7

Visit HomewoodHealth or call 1-800-663-1142

Stay at Work

There are multiple resources available to support your well-being at work. See the Thrive Here section for a wide range of benefits and resources for mental and physical well-being.

Sometimes a workplace accommodation is necessary to support a medical condition or disability in the workplace. Download the  Employee Request for Accommodation Form for more information. 

Medical Forms

Please note: Medical diagnoses are not requested. Personal information is kept secure and treated in a confidential manner according to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and standards of practice.

Sick Leave Reporting

 If you need to be off work due to illness or injury you will need to: 

  • Notify your Manager and Time Entry Designate (TED) promptly. 
  • For each day you are off for a short-term leave, check in daily with your Manager and TED, so your leave can be recorded and updated in the system on a daily basis. 
  • If you have more than one position, let your TED know from which position(s) you are taking sick leave. 
  • Inform your TED of how many hours of work you are absent.  

If you are going to be off on a medical leave for longer than 2 weeks, please inform your Manager and Benefits Team as soon as possible. If you are unsure about your sick leave entitlement, please email Everyone plays a part in ensuring sick leave is up-to-date and accurate. Thank you to TEDs, Managers and all employees! 


Workplace Incidents

If any illness or injury is related to a workplace incident, please contact the Health and Safety Team at as soon as possible. If you have missed time, or continue to miss time from work, please follow the steps outlined in the above section Sick Leave Reporting.


Return to Work

Insured Medical Leave

If you are on an approved claim with Manulife or WorkSafeBC, the insurer will be involved in the return-to-work planning process, when you are ready to return to work. All return-to-work situations are supported by medical documentation. 

Non-Insured Medical Leave

If you have had a lengthy medical leave or a significant surgery and were not on an approved claim with Manulife or WorkSafeBC, medical clearance for your return to work will be requested, in order to support a safe and sustainable return to work. Depending on the circumstances, VIU may request a doctor’s note with recommendations, a Physician’s Assessment of Work Abilities form, or other documentation deemed necessary to help us support you to return to work safely.


Joint Rehabilitation Committees

BCGEU, VIUFA, and CUPE each have joint rehabilitation committees (JRCs), existing of union and employer representatives, to support employees to stay at work, access resources during a medical leave, and participate in the return-to-work process.

BCGEU Joint Rehabilitation Committee Representative: Daryl Pushor

VIUFA Joint Rehabilitation Committee Representative: Dr. Anna Atkinson

HR Joint Rehabilitation Committee Representative: Josephine McNeilly


VIU/CUPE Joint Early Intervention Program (JEIP)

The Joint Early Intervention Program (JEIP) is completely confidential, is fully supported by VIU and CUPE, and provides a proactive service that facilitates early health and wellness intervention, and a return to work in a caring, safe, and timely manner. Manulife Financial, through the Abilities Management Access Program (AMA), is the provider for our JEIP.

When you have been absent from work for more than five consecutive working days or there has been a pattern of absenteeism from work, a member of the Joint Rehabilitation Committee (JRC) will contact you.  If it is determined that you will not be returning to work in the immediate future (2-3 days), the JRC will initiate the intake process.

CUPE Joint Rehabilitation Committee Members


Contact Us

For more information about work wellness, medical leaves, and rehabilitation, please contact:

Josephine McNeillyHR Specialist, Employee Well-Being and Benefits, Fax: 250-740-6605