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Managing VIU Systems

Our work at VIU is managed by using a variety of tools and systems -- each with its own methods and guidelines. Please use this collection of resources as a way to find the guidelines you may need to accomplish your tasks. 

Most Departments and Faculties have created supporting materials for navigating and utilizing VIU systems. Please consult with the administrative support person in your area for further information, guidance and subject matter expertise.

Registration + SRS

Registration Help for Faculty

Finance, Payroll + Procurement

Purchasing Card Manual

Financial Records System (FRS) Users' Manual

Creating a Purchase Requisition User Manual

Finance Year-end Guide

Unit4 Systems Training (Payroll, Finance)

Human Resources Systems

Creating a Job Posting

Unit4 Recruitment Portal Training & Resources


Print Services Manuals and Guides

Telephone User Guide

IT References + Submitting Requests 

New Employee Getting Started Guide (for Technology) to help find the answers to your technology questions

Comprehensive Resource Index

Can't find what you're looking for? Visiting the comprehensive resource index is a great way to find other pertinent information.