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Supports + Resources for Employees

Employee and Family Assistance Program available 24/7
Counselling - Visit HomewoodHealth or call 1-800-663-1142

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Drop in to MindWell U’s StudioBe guided mindfulness sessions. Held at 9AM or 12 noon, each day there is a different topic ranging from reflective practice, mindful movement, everyday mindfulness and more. Create an account or login with your VIU email address and MindWell U account password.

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The global COVID-19 situation has impacted all of us. There are many resources and supports available to you and we encourage you to use this information to support well-being for yourself, your family and your loved ones. Scroll down for more arrow pointing downwards

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Your Mental Well-Being

Click through for supports and resources to care for your mental well being during the time of COVID-19.

Mental Health Supports + Resources
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Your Physical Well-Being

Click through for resources and information to support your physical wellness during the time of COVID-19.

Physical Wellness Supports + Resources

Manager + Supervisor Resources

Click through for resources to support your effective leadership during the time of COVID-19.

Manager + Supervisor Resources
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