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Benefit Claims & Coverage

Through education, awareness and resources, Human Resources is committed to fostering a healthy workplace for all VIU employees. The goal of the our employee health and wellbeing programs is to create a community that fosters individual health and wellness at work and beyond.

Manulife Services

Manulife is VIU's benefits provider. If you have a question about a claim you have filed for Extended Health or Dental, please call the Manulife Benefits Help Line at 1-800-575-2200. Be sure to have your Plan Contract Number (83719) and your Certificate Number available; your Certificate Number is your Employee Number without the first zero(s).

Electronic Benefits Booklet

Claim Submission

Online:  Log in to your Plan Member Secure Site to file claims online. VIU's "Plan Contract Number" is 83719 and your "Certificate Number" is your Employee Number without the first zero(s).

Health Care Providers can submit your claims to Manulife right from their office

Paper Claims:  

Claims must be submitted in writing to Manulife within 12 months following the date the service was performed (e.g. if you received new eyeglasses on January 2, and if you are still employed by VIU, you will have 12 months after that date to submit your claim).

If your coverage terminates due to resignation, retirement, etc., your claim must be submitted to Manulife within 90 days of termination of benefits.

Travel Claims

If you need to make a claim for a medical issue while you were outside of BC or Canada, please submit your claim first to MSP and then to Manulife:

Benefit Premiums While On-Leave

Premiums while on Leave

Emergency Travel Assistance For those employees with Extended Health benefits, this document outlines, in conjunction with your Manulife Financial e-Benefits Electronic Booklet, the services covered by this benefit. Be sure to read Travelling? Stable Medical Conditions are Covered Under Your Plan

BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Provincial health insurance in BC is called the Medical Services Plan (MSP). MSP covers the cost of medically-necessary insured doctor services. In order to be eligible for extended health care benefits with VIU you must have provincial coverage or replacement coverage. 

If you are moving to BC from out of province, you will need to obtain a Personal Health Number (PHN). MSP becomes effective three months following your move to BC. During this time you will still be covered for basic medical by your previous provincial health care plan and can still access VIU’s benefits. Please visit Health Insurance BC (HIBC) for more information on how to enrol in the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

If you are moving to BC from out of country you may need to purchase private health care insurance while the 3-month waiting period is in progress, prior to obtaining a BC Personal Health Number. Please visit the Health Insurance BC (HIBC) website for more information on how to enrol in the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

If you need more information on private insurance options through our benefits provider (Manulife), please contact the Employee Benefits Coordinator; Renee Brown (

Pension Corporation

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For more information about group benefits including enrolments, changes, terminations and general inquiries, please contact:

Renee Brown

Employee Benefits Coordinator

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HR Specialist, Employee Well-Being & Benefits