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Benefits & Pension Information

Through education, awareness and resources, Human Resources is committed to fostering a healthy workplace for all VIU employees. The goal of our employee health and wellbeing programs is to create a community that fosters individual health and wellness at work and beyond.

Manulife Services

Manulife is VIU's benefits provider. If you have a question about your Extended Health or Dental plan, please call the Manulife Benefits Help Line at 1-800-575-2200. Be sure to have your Plan Contract Number (83719) and your Certificate Number available (this information is available on your benefits card).

Vitality by Manulife: Earn Rewards for Healthy Living

Manulife Vitality is an app-based program that helps you know more about your health, then improve your health and enjoy the rewards. The Vitality app boosts your motivation and rewards you for making healthy lifestyle choices. This program gives you the tools you need to reach your personal health and wellness goals, directly aligning with the invitation for action to encourage employee well-being in VIU’s People Plan. Learn more about Vitality online or visit the Vitality FAQ page.

The program is for all VIU employees with extended health care coverage.Check out the Vitality webpage and register today.

Electronic Benefits Booklet

Please click on the link for your jurisdiction below for details on your Extended Health and Dental coverage.

Claim Submission

Log in to your Plan Member Secure Site to submit claims online. You can also download the Manulife Mobile app to your smartphone for quick and convenient claim submission. This app also provides a digital copy of your benefits card which can be used to show your treatment provider/pharmacist.

Claims must be submitted to Manulife within 12 months following the date the service was performed (e.g. if you received new eyeglasses on January 2, and if you are still employed by VIU, you will have up to 12 months after that date to submit your claim).

If your coverage terminates due to resignation, retirement, etc., your claim must be submitted to Manulife within 90 days of termination of benefits.

Many treatment providers have direct billing set up with Manulife for claims submissions, and this can be done at the time the service is being provided. All you need to do is provide your benefits card and they will submit the claim directly to Manulife. If your provider does not have direct billing set up with Manulife, please keep your receipts and submit through your profile on the plan member site for reimbursement. Health Care Providers can submit your claims to Manulife right from their office.

Out-of-Province and Out-of Country Coverage

If you need to make a claim for a medical issue while you were outside of BC or Canada, please submit your claim first to MSP and then to Manulife:

Manulife covers Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada travel insurance for employees and their dependents who have extended health and dental coverage through VIU. This is outlined in further detail in your jurisdictions benefit brochure (available to you when you log into your Manulife account). The travel assistance numbers are located on the back of your benefits card should you need assistance while travelling. For more information, please look through your benefits brochure. When travelling across Canada or to another country, you can do so with confidence, knowing  Emergency Travel Assistance coverage is included in your group benefits plan.

Have a pre-existing condition? Not to worry! Manulife’s travel insurance benefits will cover medically stable conditions when travelling. This means, you must be deemed medically stable 90 days prior to departure. The viu-hr-emergency-travel-assistance-brochure.pdfEmergency Travel Assistance brochure supplies more information about the definition of medically stable and what’s covered when you are travelling. If you have further questions, please contact the Manulife Benefits Help Line at 1-800-575-2200. 

You also might want to check if there is a travel advisory for the area you are traveling to. If you are traveling somewhere questionable, it might be best to call Manulife prior to departure.

Benefit Premiums While On-Leave

If you are taking a leave and have received a memo from HR in which you have the option of keeping your extended health and dental plan active for the duration of your leave, you may need to pay the monthly premiums for these benefits. Please let the Benefits Coordinator know as soon as you are able about your decision of keeping your extended health and dental benefits active or dropping these benefits during your leave (and have no coverage). Here is the current Premiums while on Leave cost breakdown per jurisdiction/per coverage for this year; do note these rates change every April 1st.

Pension Corporation

VIU has two pension plans for employees, the Municipal Pension Plan and the College Pension Plan, through the BC Pension Corporation. In Human Resources, the Benefits Coordinator assists with Purchase of Service and Transfer of Service Applications.

If you are wanting to purchase back service for time on a leave, or transfer pension from a previous plan into your current pension plan with VIU, please visit the respective pension plan site from the options below:

College Pension Plan Members

Municipal Pension Plan Members

Once you have located and filled out the appropriate form, please email the for next steps.

Thinking of retiring? Both pension plans offer a plethora of resources including live and recorded sessions for retirement specific questions. Visit your pension plans website and select Learning Resources to view these webinars and articles. As well, VIU does host retirement sessions held by the BC Pension Corporation specifically for VIU employees each year, so keep an eye out for these sessions in the VIU Digest and InVIU for registering your seat when these sessions are available.

Contact Us

For more information about group benefits including enrolments, changes, terminations, medical leaves, and general inquiries, please contact:

Confidential Fax: 250-740-6605