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Why Choose VIU

Benefits + Pension

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Employee Well-Being

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Employee Recognition

Support for your well-being

VIU is pleased to offer eligible employees a comprehensive benefit plan; ample paid holiday time; professional development opportunities and a desirable pension plan. As part of the VIU campus community, our employees work with supportive colleagues within an encouraging environment that promotes learning and development. The perks of VIU employment are multiple, and include well-being initiatives and services, strategic discounts, and flexible work opportunities.

Find your community

Our welcoming, inclusive campus community fosters a workplace culture that’s about helping each other achieve our full potential.

Plant your roots

Known as the Harbour City, the City of Nanaimo is located on the southeast side of Vancouver Island and is one of Canada’s top island destinations. Home to approximately 114,000 residents, Nanaimo is the second largest urban centre on Vancouver Island and has one of the longest shorelines in Canada. 

A modern urban centre characterized by the natural beauty of the forest, mountains, and ocean front, Nanaimo residents enjoy a relaxed yet vibrant lifestyle. Vast recreational opportunities through sports, outdoor recreation, and cultural festivals and activities are abundant and diverse in Nanaimo and provide something for everyone. Golfing, kayaking, whale watching, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, and skiing are just some of the popular activities that the city offers. The popular Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, Port Theatre, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo Museum, and 166 public art installations showcase the diverse cultures and unique history of the city.

Nanaimo is a growing city that enjoys a skilled and educated labour force and an impressive infrastructure network and is a central hub for business and services for the central and northern regions of Vancouver Island. There are over 30 public and private elementary and secondary schools in Nanaimo and over 18 unique neighbourhoods to call home. Multiple airports and ferry terminals service the region, meaning coming and going from the Island is quick and convenient.

Nanaimo was named one of Canada’s comfiest climates by Environment Canada due to its mild temperatures. Winter in Nanaimo is mild with rain, and temperatures rarely fall below freezing. In the summertime, the days are cool and dry, and the average daily temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius.

Why take your career to VIU?

Your career is more than a job. It’s a unique part of your identity and informs the impact you have on the world. You also invest a lot of time in your work life, so why not join an organization that helps you make your work life great?

Make an impact

With over 2,000 employees, our campus community is a place where you can pursue a variety of career options. We are faculty, administrators, graphic designers, librarians, chefs, lawyers, healthcare professionals, skilled tradespeople, researchers and more. There’s a place for you at VIU. 

VIU was once again named one of British Columbia's top 100 employers in 2023 by the Top Employers program. We are a proud recipient of this honour and all that it represents about the VIU employment experience. 

“We are proud to be recognized once again as a Top Employer in BC. This recognition reflects VIU’s commitment to our employees, as expressed in our Strategic Plan – People, Place, Potential; and our People Plan – Mattering Here. VIU is made up of incredible employees who demonstrate every day commitment and dedication to our students and to supporting each other. You Matter Here!”

-- AVP Human Resources, Dan VanderSluis

Join a culture of understanding, connection and commitment

Every day, we welcome, support, and inspire all those who study and work at VIU. In our research and through our partnerships, we seek to understand the rich diversity of our region and to encourage the well-being of our communities. We are dedicated to helping our learners and our communities embrace their potential. We believe that everyone matters here.

  1. Understanding. We seek to understand the diversity of thought, identity, and experience of everyone at VIU, and to bring that openness of mind and that curiosity of spirit to all that we do.
  2. Connection. We believe in the power of personal connection and kindness in building experiences that matter.
  3. Commitment. We are motivated by a deep commitment and pride in the growth of our learners, our employees, and our communities.
aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

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VIU Values

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Equity, Diversity + Inclusion