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Benefit Plans

Through education, awareness and resources, Human Resources is committed to fostering a healthy workplace for all VIU employees. The goal of the our employee health and wellbeing programs is to create a community that fosters individual health and wellness at work and beyond.

Manulife is VIU's benefits provider. If you have a question about a claim you have filed for Extended Health or Dental, please call the Manulife Benefits Help Line at 1-800-575-2200. Be sure to have your Plan Contract Number (83719) and your Certificate Number available; your Certificate Number is your Employee Number without the first zero(s).


IMPORTANT NOTICE Cancellation of the Medical Service Group Plan (MSP) for employees currently covered under the VIU’s  MSP Group Plan coverage.

Historically, VIU has paid the Medical Services Plan (MSP) premium and administered MSP on behalf of most employee groups at VIU. In 2018, the BC government announced a plan to replace the premium with a payroll tax, making December 2019 the last month the MSP premium is payable. With the elimination of the premium, there is no longer a need for VIU to administer the group plan. Although VIU will no longer be administering the plan, B.C. residents must continue to fulfill their MSP obligations under the Medicare Protection Act, which includes updating your personal information, including address changes. HIBC and the Ministry of Health offer easy online services to ensure that your MSP account information and address stay current. 

What this means for you:  It is important for you to know that the structure of MSP accounts will remain the same. Accounts will still include an account holder and, if applicable, a spouse and/or children. New and returning residents will still be required to complete two steps for MSP enrolment: submit an Application for MSP Enrolment to Health Insurance BC (HIBC), the administrator of MSP for the BC Government, and obtain a BC Services Card by visiting an Insurance Corporation of BC driver licensing office. 

You do not need to re-apply for MSP coverage. HIBC will automatically put you and any existing dependents on a self-administered MSP account when your VIU Group Coverage ends on January 31, 2020.  You will receive a letter from HIBC with current account information when your new MSP account is created. If you need to make an MSP account change when you receive the letter you can do so at:  Managing Your MSP Account.

Visit the BC Provincial Government Medical Services Plan site for more details. 

Next Steps:  VIU Human Resources (HR) wants to ensure that all information in the MSP system is current and up to date before the group plan ends. As such, we ask that you review your information on the StarGarden employee/payroll portal and if you need to update or correct any of your personal information please send your changes to by December 31, 2019. For your convenience we have attached an instruction sheet for accessing the portal and steps to review your covered dependents and your current address on file. 

For any changes that occur in January 2020 you will need to advise the HR office via an email to After January 31, 2020 you will need to advise both HR and MSP of any dependent and/or address changes.  Specifically, you must update your MSP and VIU HR if you:  

• Change your address;

• Update your personal information, or information for other individuals on your account (including name, date of birth, or gender);

• Add and/or remove a spouse (including Common-law) or child(ren); and/or

• Update your status in Canada (e.g.: obtain a new work permit, study permit, or confirmation of permanent residence).


Manulife Financial e-Benefits Electronic Booklet

Log in to your Plan Member Secure Site to file claims on line. VIU's "Plan Contract Number" is 83719 and your "Certificate Number" is your Employee Number without the first zero(s). There's also a File claims with the Manulife mobile site.

Paper Claim Forms (Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents)

If you need to make a claim for a medical issue while you were outside of BC or Canada, please submit your claim first to MSP and then to Manulife:

  1. MSP Out-of-Country Claim form see Leaving B.C. Temporarily Information Sheet
  2. Manulife Out of Province / Out of Canada Claim form (May 2014)

Employees must submit claims in writing to Manulife within 12 months following the date the service was performed, e.g., if you received new eyeglasses on January 2, and if you are still employed by VIU, you will have 12 months after that date to submit your claim. If your coverage terminates due to resignation, retirement, etc., your claim must be submitted to Manulife within 90 days of termination of benefits.

Health Care Providers can submit your claims to Manulife right from their office

Benefits Premiums While on Leave

Emergency Travel Assistance For those employees with Extended Health benefits, this document outlines, in conjunction with your Manulife Financial e-Benefits Electronic Booklet (see above), the services covered by this benefit. Be sure to read Travelling? Stable Medical Conditions are Covered Under Your Plan. The Manulife Travel Bulletin will assist with your planning to help make your trip worry-free.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors Canada is a health care consulting service available to Vancouver Island University employees and family members who are eligible for benefits. Whether you need an expert second opinion on a medical diagnosis, are looking for a specialist or community resources, or need advice about a health issue, Best Doctors will provide you with the answers you need to confidently move forward with your care.

Best Doctors Services VIU employees and family members who are eligible for employee benefits can call 1-877-419-2378 or email when you need:

    1. to confirm a medical diagnosis and treatment plan. Best Doctors will perform an in-depth analysis of your medical records, including imaging scans, X-rays and test results, and provide you with a detailed report that you can share with your treating physician.
    2. to find leading Canadian physicians who specialize in your medical condition and are accepting new patients.
    3. to locate an expert physician or treatment facility outside of Canada.
    4. medical information or community resources, one-on-one support, or customized health coaching about a health-related concern.

    Health Matters - February 2018 - Cervical Cancer - Early Detection

    Health Matters November 2017 - Type 1 and 2 Diabetes: Focusing on Prevention and Treatment Best Doctors Report Spring 2015 - Parkinson's Disease.
    Best Doctors Report Winter 2015 - Diabetes Explained.
    Best Doctors Report Fall 2014 - What is a Stroke?

    Abilities Management Access (AMA) - Abilities Management Access (AMA) is an early intervention process to assist VIU employees who are eligible for Long Term Disability to maximize available treatment options.

    Mental Health - Tools for individuals and support for family and friends

    Lifestyle Health Coaching is a service available to VIU employees and eligible family members to provide personalized lifestyle health coaching.

    Faculty Common Disability Plan Short Term Disability Action Flow Chart and Detailed Process

    Pension Corporation

    For more information about group benefits including enrolments, changes, terminations and general inquiries, please contact:

    Renee Brown

    Employee Benefits Coordinator
    Phone: 250-740-6219

    Josephine McNeilly

    HR Specialist, Employee Well-being and Benefits

    Phone: Phone: 250-740-6432


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