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Employee Relations

This site is designed to provide you further information on key questions, a central location for employment agreements, policies and procedures, explain what PSEA is and how it relates to the operations at VIU, and give you an opportunity to get the latest news on what's happening in employee relations.

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Employee Agreements

Collective agreements for each of the unions at VIU and the Terms and Conditions for excluded administrative employees.

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Collective Bargaining

Information on all aspects of collective bargaining at VIU. 

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Human Resources Policies and Guidelines

Information on institutional policies that HR administers or that might be useful in your work at VIU.

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Ask Human Resources

If you have questions about areas of HR, like articles in collective agreements, Joint Early Intervention, benefits, employee recruitment, orientation, or job evaluation.

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Employee Relations Helpful Links

Quick links on topics related to employee relations.

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Resources Related to Layoffs

Resources offered to assist employees who have questions about the layoff process and for those experiencing layoffs.