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What is InVIU?

InVIU is an intranet for the exclusive use of employees at Vancouver Island University.
An intranet is a secure, web-like environment that is set up for the members of a group to access and customize in an easy and effective manner. What this means in practical terms for InVIU users is that not only can you navigate through the various web pages that make up InVIU, but you can also add your own information to the intranet without having to know anything about web site design or construction. You can just use your web browser program and the built in commands and options in InVIU.

Accessing InVIU

The InVIU site is best viewed in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser program version 5.5 or higher. It can also be viewed in up to date versions of the Netscape and FireFox browsers. InVIU support does not recommend viewing InVIU using the Safari browser. Access InVIU.

Professional Development Calendar:

Quickly view and register for professional development courses provided by different departments here at Vancouver Island University in the Pro-D Calendar section.

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