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Guideline on Relocation Allowance for Newly Hired Regular Employees

VIU will assist newly hired employees with the costs associated with moving their primary residence to accommodate their new VIU position by reimbursing some moving costs. To claim this allowance, please follow these guidelines, any queries can be directed to the Director, Human Resources.

See policy Policy 43.22 Relocation Allowance

Qualification for the Relocation Allowance

Relocation allowance is available to full- or part-time regular employees hired to Vancouver Island University for the first time.

The allowance is for actual, receipted costs associated with the relocation of the employee’s primary residence to a distance that is at least 40 km (by the shortest usual public route) closer to the VIU location of work.

The employee makes all relocation arrangements and relocation allowance is for a single move, only.

Calculating the Allowance Amount

The relocation allowance will be based on actual costs supported by copies of receipts, to the maximum allowable, which is dependent upon where the employee has moved from:

      • Employee relocates from a region within British Columbia, actual costs allowable to a maximum of $2,500
      • Employee relocates from regions within North America, outside of British Columbia, actual costs allowable to a maximum of $5,000
      • Employee relocates from a region world-wide, outside of North America, actual costs allowable to a maximum of $10,000

All costs are expressed in Canadian dollars.

Allowable costs are those expenses defined by Canada Revenue Agency as eligible for deductions from income tax as they relate to relocation expenses, specifically:

Accessing Funds

After accepting a VIU position, an employee may make application for a relocation allowance to the Director, Human Resources by submitting an Application for Relocation Allowance form (found at or by contacting Human Resources).

Receipts must be submitted for repayment of the allowance within three months from date of issue.

Repayment Requirement

If an employee does not remain employed with Vancouver Island University for a period of twenty-four months, they must reimburse VIU for the full amount of the relocation allowance allotted to them. If the allowance is not repaid, the University may recover the amount owing from any institutional monies due to the requester.

Reporting and Compliance

The University will comply with all applicable federal and provincial income tax reporting requirements for the reimbursement of moving expenses. All expense claims are subject to audit by the University and/or the Canada Revenue Agency.