aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

Provost's Awards

The Provost’s Special Teaching Award for Outstanding Achievement

We are nominating you, the Faculty of BCGEU and VIUFA collectively, in the recognition that you have all faced personal and professional challenges brought about by the pandemic, some of which are clearly evident, but many of which have been borne by you and by your families without public acknowledgement. Thank you for your commitment as educators. Read the full award citation here

The Provost Awards for Excellence in Teaching Design and Practice

The Teaching Design and Practice Awards formally recognize the excellence in achievements in all facets of teaching and student learning at Vancouver Island University. The awards focus on teaching design and practice of learning experiences for students which refers to how a faculty member designs, develops, and offers learning opportunities for students around discipline-specific learning outcomes.

The Provost Awards for Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

The Provost Awards for Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity is to recognize Vancouver Island University faculty members for excellence in scholarship, research and creative activity. These awards publicly recognize faculty for their efforts to support the University’s core commitment to excellence in a wide range of scholarship, applied research and community engagement.

On November 7, 2022, the campus community gathered for the President's and Provost's award ceremony. Awards were presented to recipients from all the nominated award categories at this celebration.