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President's Awards

The President’s Awards for Community Engagement

The President’s Awards for Community Engagement recognize excellence in community engagement activities. Community engagement relies upon the activities of VIU’s employees in collaboration with the communities and organizations that are served by VIU. These activities build our collective capacity, improve well-being and enhance the resiliency of our community partnerships and relations.

The President’s Awards for Service Excellence

VIU is committed to building a culture of recognition and, with this, have built the Service Excellence Award program. These awards recognize the excellence individuals and teams demonstrate in their area of work, as well as the integrity and dedication of those who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the success of VIU and its communities.

The President’s Awards for Enhancing Access and Inclusion

The Access & Inclusion Awards recognize individuals who have made our community more accessible and inclusive for persons with disabilities by: removing or challenging physical, social, attitudinal and other forms of barriers; creating opportunities for inclusion – social, academic, professional, athletic, artistic; improving physical access to buildings, infrastructure, public spaces, events; connecting persons with disabilities from our campuses to services, information, resources and supports; educating, advising, motivating and inspiring others. These awards recognize those who work to cultivate a culture of inclusion for everyone at VIU.

The President’s Special Service Excellence Award

In acknowledgement of the extraordinary efforts of our non-instructional employees as VIU faced the Global Pandemic, to reimagine and deploy, both on campus and off, within tight timelines, distressing circumstances, and a sea of unknowns, the entirety of operations and supports of such critical importance to our learners and fellow colleagues at Vancouver Island University, we wish to award you the President’s Special Award for Service Excellence. 
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