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Long-term Assisted PD Leave Fact Sheet

Article 18.16

Fact Sheet

  1. Notice of the application deadline will be announced to all BCGEU regular employees by e-mail.

  2. Application Procedure: Complete the Application form (located on the Leave website) and, after consultation with your Program Chair, submit it to your Dean, Director or Regional Campus Principal, who will forward the application to the BCGEU Professional Development Leave Committee for consideration.

    Provide as much detail regarding the activities to be undertaken during the leave:

    • Date
    • Place
    • Nature of Project
    • Benefit to Self
    • Benefit to University
  3. Eligibility:

    1. A BCGEU regular employee upon completion of 3 consecutive years of service with the BCGEU bargaining unit.
    2. The leave must be completed before the end of the fiscal year.
    3. Normally, instructors will not be eligible for subsequent long-term leaves until a period equal to the length of the previous long-term leave has elapsed.
  4. Definition: Professional development activities will be directly relevant to the role of the instructor within the University, including:

    1. studies, and
    2. experience in business, industry, community service, government or other educational institutions.
  5. Interview: The Committee may require a personal interview with the applicants to review and clarify the information provided on the application form and/or seek additional relevant information.

  6. Return Service Commitment: Instructors undertake to remain in the service of the University for a period equal to the length of the approved leave.  If you do not return, you shall refund to the University the full amount paid to you by the University while on assisted professional development leave.

  7. Accountability: It is the responsibility of the instructor to prepare a report of leave activities and accomplishments within 2 months following completion of the leave.  The written submission is to forwarded to the Dean, Director or Regional Campus Principal, who will ensure it is brought to the attention of the University Board.  A verbal presentation to the Board may be requested by the President or Vice-President.

  8. Limitations of Additional Earnings while on leave: Total monies received by the instructor, excluding research and travel grants, will not bring the total earnings to more than 100% of base salary for the period of the assisted leave.  If the instructor earns more than 100% of base salary during the leave, the University will reduce the amount of assisted leave payments accordingly, or the instructor will be obliged to reimburse any amount in excess of 100% to the University.

  9. Pension Contributions: Both employee and employer contributions continue to be paid in the normal manner to the College Pension Plan while the plan member is on a paid leave of absence with partial salary, approved by the Employer.  The contributions are calculated and paid on the actual salary received by the plan member during the period of leave of absence with partial salary.  The pensionable salary is pro-rated based on the actual salary received (70%) while on leave as a percentage of the salary which would have been received had the plan member not been on leave.

  10. If the plan member wishes to make up the 30% difference of pensionable service for the period of leave, contact after the leave has completed to start the process of requesting approval from the Pension Corporation of BC.

  11. Benefits: Coverage and employer-paid premiums continue during the leave period.

  12. Out-of-Country Travel During Leave: Benefit coverage continues in full force for 12 months while out of province. The Employer must notify the appropriate carrier of specific travel plans if more than 6 months are spent out of the province. If more than 12 months are involved, the employee may be required to arrange for private coverage.