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Long Service Awards

A Message from President Ralph Nilson

On behalf of the Board of Governors, the Senate and the Senior Management Group at Vancouver Island University, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your valuable service to our University. Your dedication and commitment has allowed VIU to thrive and grow.

The faculty and staff at VIU are the reason we have been successful, grown our programs, steadily improved our academic reputation and are able to help our students continuously achieve outstanding things. For these reasons you are our most valuable asset. I thank each of you for your contributions to building a high-quality learning environment for our students, and a supportive working environment for our colleagues.

As long service employees, you are key ambassadors for the values-based mission of Vancouver Island University and are vital to our Institution’s success regionally, nationally and internationally. Congratulations on achieving this important career milestone with VIU. We look forward to your continued engagement and leadership in our collegial community.

2018 Award Recipients

35 years

Lorrie Baildham

Margo Thorp


30 years

Lorne Epp

Laura Landry

Karen Leeman

Geri McPherson

Rae-Anne Savard


25 years

Catherine Barber

Audrey Dubyna

Fred Jacklin

Jean Maltesen

Robert Pepper-Smith

Debbie Shore


20 years

Linda Allbury

Jean Blackburn

Johnny Blakeborough

Chris Burnley

Jennifer Christoffersen

Mark Dutchuk

Craig Hanson

John Hinde

Rosemary Holley

Naomi Knodel

Sayuri Kubota

Shelley Lumsden

Laurie Meijer Drees

Tami Mullaly

Deborah Torkko

Dr. Alex Tsisserev

Debbie VanderHoek


15 years

Malena Acosta

Patricia Adam

Eric Agyekum

Sandy Alexander

Dr. Gregory Arkos

Clay Armstrong

Anna Atkinson

Trudy Bagnall

Leigh Blaney

Michael Braun

Bonnie-Jean Thomas Buffie

Anita C Carroll

Susie Caswell

Carol Creighton

Michelle Daoust

Dr. Linda Derksen

Richard Fredericks

Marilyn Funk

Bill Gough

Claudette R. James

Matthew Kellow

Andy Lin

Huizhu Liu

Tina McComb

Shirley McGregor

Mary Anne Moloney

Shona Panek

Tina Pereza Rolls

Ken Plumbly

Ron Sitter

Tracey Terepocki

Elsie Thyssen

Sally Vinden

James Waring


10 years

Archna Acharya

Karen Alden

Karen Baxter Thistle

Peter Briscoe

Joanne Brocklebank

Susarah Cooke-Yarborough

Riki Cox

David Croft

Sharon Davidson

Agia Doering

Jolene Edmunds

Carolyn Eveleigh

David Forrester

Lizz Fransen

Julie Gibler

Rita Gower

Michael Hallam

Nancy Hamilton

Kim Hammond

Lorrie Lee Hayden

Andrew Hollenberg

Margaret Huml

Matthew Jamont

Dr. Caroline Josefsson

Tracy Knoop

Gaby Lepitre

Lisa Lewis

Rebecca (Mei-Hui) Lin

Donna Linkletter

Geraldine Manson

Ashleigh Martinflatt

Roisin Mulligan

Venessa Sheehan

Marg Taylor

Drew Taylor

Virginia Wiebe

Darren Wicks

Lori Wilkie

Bingyi Zhu