aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

BCGEU Long-term Assisted Leaves

Approved for 2021-2022

  • David Croft, Instructor, ITAS
  • Dawn Johnson, Instructor, ELC
  • Graham White, Instructor, ITAS
  • Kathryn Weber, Instructor, ESL
  • Paula Schnare, Instructor, HHS
  • Sylvia Arnold, Instructor, ELC

Approved for 2020-2021

  • David Croft, Instructor, Information Technology & Applied Systems
  • Dawn Johnson, Instructor, English Language Centre ( Report)
  • Deanna Pye, Instructor, Electrical Program ( Report)
  • Graham White, Instructor, Information Technology and Applied Systems ( Report)
  • Kathryn Weber, Instructor, English Language Centre