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Here are online fillable PDF Timesheets. Download the form (saving it to your device), fill it out and email it to your supervisor. Your supervisor can email it to (copying you) saying it is approved for payroll to process.

ONLINE Fillable Timesheets


Fillable Staff Weekly Timesheet and Schedule

Fillable Student Weekly Timesheet and Schedule

New! StarGarden payslip access

Since StarGarden is being retired on June 30, 2020 our amazing ES team has written a program to provide employees with continuing access to their StarGarden payslip data. Everyone with a computer account can access our VIUWEB portal. under VIU Apps-> Pre-2020 Pay Slips 

The program will show a user a grid similar to the one in StarGarden. Clicking on the “slip” link on the right side of the window by each pay date opens a PDF of your payslip.

The data is SG data and the slip is a copy of the new UBW payslip modified to hold SG data.

Click here to open the correct section of VIUWEB directly.

Payroll services include:

  • Payroll earnings and deductions, including providing self-service access to your payroll information, including pay advices, benefit and vacation balance information.
  • Vacation requests, balance information
  • Sick time management

Payroll Updates

Changes to Payroll Pay Period - Frequently Asked Questions Last update Nov 2018

Payroll Weekly Timesheets Change - Communication from Project AURORA Team Emailed Oct 10, 2019

Faq Transition to Weekly Timesheets Last update Nov 1, 2019

Pay Date and Timesheet Schedules

Staff Weekly Schedule for end of 2019 to Aug 2020 Updated Nov 25, 2019

Combination Timesheet and Schedule

Bi-weekly Timesheet and Schedule 2019/2020 Will be updated by Feb 15, 2020

Student Weekly Timesheet and Schedule 2019/2020 Updated Nov 25, 2019

Staff Weekly Timesheet with Schedule to Aug 2020   Updated Nov 25, 2019

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