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PROPASS Program: Nanaimo Regional Transit

PROPASS is a permanent bus pass purchased by employees through payroll deductions. PROPASS is valid for travel throughout the Nanaimo Regional Transit System.

About the PROPASS Goals

A main goal of the PROPASS program is to reduce traffic by encouraging employees to use transit whenever possible. PROPASS complements employer initiatives to reduce the number of vehicles being driven to the workplace.

No Expiry

A PROPASS is valid as long as an employee is on the payroll deduction program but you must enroll for at least one year.

Cost and Savings

The annual cost of a PROPASS is less than the cost of 12 monthly passes. Average vacation time, sick time and time away from Nanaimo on business or pleasure was taken into account when the PROPASS price was established. Unlike a regular monthly bus pass, PROPASS is not transferable to other users. This was also considered when its price was established.

Number of Pay Periods Deduction Amount
26 $25.75

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions from employees.

If you have any questions, contact the RDN office at:

If you would like to participate, complete the PROPASS enrollment application and bring it in to the Payroll Office.