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PROPASS Program: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Convenience - no need to remember to buy a pass at the start of each month
  • It is tax deductible
  • It is simple to use -show the driver each time you get on the bus. No need for transfers
  • Provides you with an annual savings over purchasing passes on a monthly basis
  • Reduce your need to provide on-site parking when more staff use transit
  • Demonstrate environmental leadership
  • Can be offered as an employment benefit (instead of supplying free parking)
  • There is a one-time fee of $10 for acquiring your photo ID card
  • Fees are based on 10.3 months of monthly bus passes divided over 12 months which saves 14%, or $103.32 annually

Payments are automatically deducted from your earnings on whatever pay periods your company uses (monthly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly).

Your employer will submit an existing digital image of you for use on your PROPASS. Your employer will forward that to Nanaimo Regional Transit who will have your photo ID PROPASS produced and return it to your employer within about one week.

There is no expiry date once you sign up. The payments are deducted from your paycheque until you leave the program.

  • By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, traffic congestion is reduced which benefits local air quality and greenhouse gas emission reductions
  • For every transit bus on the road, 70 single occupancy vehicles are taken off the road thereby contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions

The price you pay already is discounted, taking into account average vacation time, sick time and time that you may be away from Nanaimo on business or for pleasure. PROPASS cannot be put on hold for these reasons.

You would need to apply for a new card. There is a $20 fee for processing so we encourage you to protect your photo ID the same as you would protect other important identification cards (licenses, credit cards).

If you are off for an extended period of time on WCB, Long Term Disability, or maternity/paternity leave, your PROPASS Administrator can recommend that your PROPASS be suspended until you return to work.

An employee approved for a suspension of PROPASS deductions must relinquish their PROPASS to the employer, who keeps it until the employee returns to work.

When you sign up for the PROPASS, you must enroll for a one year period. If you decide after one year that the PROPASS is not meeting your needs, you can apply to withdraw from the program.

If you relocate, or if you discontinue employment with your employer, you will automatically be withdrawn from the program and you must relinquish your PROPASS photo ID card.

  • Once your PROPASS Administrator has your PROPASS card, your employer can cancel the payroll deductions, and return your card to Nanaimo Regional Transit.

From time to time transit fares must increase to ensure the overall service levels are maintained. The cost of your PROPASS fare will increase by the same percentage that the transit fares increased. This increase will be spread out over your annual calculation.

You will be notified of a fare increase two months before the increase comes into effect, in order for you to budget for the increase.