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What is the CUPE T&D Fund? 

Each year the equivalent of 1% of the CUPE payroll is set aside for CUPE professional development opportunities. A committee consisting of 3 Admin staff and 3 CUPE representatives manages the fund and are supported by 1 Assistant.

The purpose of the fund is to provide eligible union members (temporary and regular CUPE employees) with opportunities to prepare for advancement and promotion within VIU by supporting professional growth and development. The fund is meant to be used for enhancing an employee’s knowledge and skills for a career within VIU. The training must not be required or integral to an employee’s position as this would be paid by the employee’s department.

What is available to you?

You can receive training and professional development in a variety of ways: credit and non-credit courses; workshops and conferences; and funds to cover expenses associated with your professional development activities, such as books and travel.  Funds can be used for on-campus, off-campus, and online opportunities.  Wherever possible, employees are encouraged to first explore courses and workshops offered by VIU.

Individual Amount Eligibility for Training & Development Training Funds

Each CUPE member (Regular, Term/temporary, Active or On Leave) may apply for up to $1,200 per year. Available annual funds will be allocated as applications are received.

VIU Tuition Waiver

VIU employees may register in up to 8 credits of VIU courses per semester at no cost, after the deadline for fee-paying student registration has passed. The Tuition Waiver applications can be submitted for the Fall and Spring terms in early June. This program is administered by VIU, not CUPE T&D.

If you are taking a VIU credit course it is recommended that you apply for a tuition waiver first so that you don’t use your individual eligibility of CUPE training funds. Please go to the VIU website for detailed information and a fillable Tuition Waiver Form. The tuition waiver does not cover the cost of the Student Union fees, Activity fees, textbooks and supplies. You can apply to CUPE T&D to have these costs covered.

CUPE Flyer of Professional Development and Training courses - 2 FREE or subsidized courses per fiscal year

For a number of years we have produced a "Flyer" of upcoming courses offered by the VIU Professional Development and Training department for FREE to CUPE members. During the past year the VIU Professional Development and Training department has changed how courses are offered therefore we are adapting to this change. We will not produce a "Flyer" but will still subsidize courses available through this area. Check the Professional Development and Training website regularly for new course listings Life Long Learning | Professional Development and Training

  • All CUPE staff (Casual, Temporary, Term or Regular status staff, Active or On Leave) are eligible to take 2 classes (costing $300 or less) during the fiscal year (April - March).
  • All CUPE Regular and Term staff also:
    • have access to a travel subsidy if the class is located at a different campus
    • can combine the Flyer subsidy and an amount from their yearly allotment to pay for a course offered by Professional Development and Training. For example one of the Management for Supervisors courses . One course costs over $700. You can use $300 from the "Flyer" fund and the remainder from your yearly allotment.

Choose a course then apply to CUPE Training and Development through our online Application system. All courses that are subsidized by CUPE Training and Development funds must relate to your current work or another VIU position where you would like to work.

CUPE Training Events/Workshops

From time to time, CUPE T&D hosts training events for CUPE members. These events/workshops are free to any VIU CUPE staff member (Regular, Term or Casual or staff on leave) and you can register to take any or all offered. The events will be announced by email and posted on the InVIU Pro-D calendar. These may include career search workshops, customer service workshops, communication workshops, etc. Email us if you have a request or suggestion. For staff who work at campuses outside of Nanaimo you can request travel assistance through the CUPE Training and Development fund.

Registration will on the InVIU Pro D calendar.

Opening InVIU

Choose InVIU on the Faculty and Staff page. A log-on box will appear. Log-in with your VIU computer account information. Choose the Pro-D Calendar tab and go to the workshop date. Choose the workshop and an info page will open. Registration (or cancellation) for the workshop will be on this webpage.

Please contact the CUPE T & D Assistant at Local 6199 or if you have any questions. (Email is often the fastest way to reach us.)


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Office Hours

Office hours are currently Monday, Wednesday pm and Friday. The CUPE T&D Assistant can be contacted by email:, or by phone at local 6199, to answer any of your questions.