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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for funding?

All VIU CUPE Regular and Temporary/Term employees are eligible to apply for funding for both internal and external training courses or programs. The employee must have the approval from their department if the training conflicts with their work schedule. Training must not be required and/or integral to their position as this cost would be the responsibility of the department.

Casual CUPE employees can apply to take courses offered through the VIU Professional Development and Training department. An Application for funding must be submitted during the time you are working and have an active email account. The employee must have the approval from their department if the training conflicts with their work schedule.

What kind of professional development is covered?

All professional development training must be related to a position you currently hold or a position that you would like to advance to within VIU. Update or broaden your skills or expand your knowledge.

CUPE members can take Credit or non-credit courses

    • In class at a VIU campus
    • Online classes through VIU
    • At another institution, either online or in-class
    • Complete a certificate, diploma, or degree
    • Attend a field school or a a study abroad experience (when related to a credential or can be tied to career development at VIU)
    • Attend a conference, seminar, or workshop
    • Pay for a professional association membership

    What other expenses may be covered?

      • Textbooks
      • VIU Student Union Society and Activity fees
      • Travel, accommodation, meals. VIU mileage and per diem rates apply to these items.

      How much funding can I apply for?

      Each CUPE employee who is eligible for training and professional development funding could receive:

      Funding /Fiscal Year
      (April 1 - March 30)

      For: Available to:

      $1,200 /year

      • Academic or non-credit courses at VIU or another educational institution. (Classroom or online.)
      • Conference costs.
      • Membership or Association fees not paid by your work.

      Regular staff

      (Active or "On Leave")

      Term/Temporary staff

      Up to $300 twice /year

      Regular staff

      (Active or "On Leave")

      Term/Temporary staff

      Casual staff


      No cost - Free

      CUPE T&D sponsors 2 or 3 free workshops each year. These will be advertised by email.

      Attend any workshop or all available workshops.

      Sign-up will be through "InVIU". This program can be accessed using your VIU login and password.

      Regular staff

      (Active or "On Leave")

      Term/Temporary staff

      Casual staff

      Free for Staff course options (administered by VIU, not CUPE T&D):

      Employee Tuition Waiver process offered by VIU (some restrictions apply)

      What do I do with the tax receipt I get from the education institution where I study?

      Your T2022A tax receipt will reflect all fees paid to your student account.

      • Claim: any amounts paid yourself and the time reflected in the receipt (e.g., X number of months of part-time or full-time studies).
      • Do NOT Claim: funds paid by a third party (i.e., the CUPE T&D fund) as a deduction on your taxes.
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