aerial photo of the campus in the fall season

Joint Early Intervention Program (JEIP)

Required Principles of the Program

The parties to the CUPE Collective Agreement July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2014 agreed to develop, implement and support a Joint Early Intervention Program. The program must include the following principles:

  1. Jointly Managed – The program will be jointly managed by the Employer and the Union.

  2. Mandatory – An employee may be referred for participation in the JEIP when absent from work for five or more consecutive work days or where it appears that there is a pattern of consistent or frequent absence from work.  If an employee is referred, the employee must participate in the JEIP.

  3. Rehabilitative – The JEIP is rehabilitative in nature.

  4. Confidential - The parties involved in the program will maintain confidentiality of all information.

  5. Reporting – Quarterly reporting to the Ministry of Advanced Education is required.