VIU Campus

Accessing Information Through the Employee Portal

You may wish to add the Employee Portal website to your Favorites. You will be prompted to enter your employee number (found on your Vancouver Island University staff card; include all the zeros) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which has been initially set as your social insurance number (with no spaces).

The following topics are listed:


1. Basic Info – Displays employee name, employment status, email address.

2. Address – Displays the address on your file with Human Resources/Payroll. You can change your address on-line through this screen. After you have changed your address, you must click the green arrow (at the top right of the window) to update the changes.

3. Positions Inquiry - Defaults to display your current positions. Click on the small arrow to the left of the position number to view the details of a position. Use the drop down arrow beside "current" if applicable, to view any upcoming positions labeled "Future" and any previous positions labeled "History." You can also view all positions at once by clicking on the "All" button. Click on the binoculars to perform the search.

4. Relations Inquiry – Provides details about your beneficiaries and dependents under your benefits plans (if applicable) and emergency contacts.

5. Certificates Inquiry – Displays the certificates you currently hold, i.e. WHIMIS.

6. Personal Identification Number (PIN) Change - After you have changed your PIN, you must click on the green arrow to update the change.

7. Notices – Check this area for special notices/alerts from Human Resources and Payroll.