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Take the 30 day Mindfulness Challenge.

MindWell-U delivers evidence-based mindfulness training for the workplace. The company’s Mindfulness Challenge is all online, only five minutes a day and proven by university researchers to reduce stress, increase resilience and improve performance.

When we're mindful and tuned into our sensory experiences, we are more focused, perform better, and connect more easily with other people, so we feel more joy in this zone. It also enables us to become more aware of our internal responses so we can minimize our reactivity and lower our stress.


  • Unique: The Challenge teaches ‘mindfulness-in-action’ so people don’t need to stop what they are doing to become more present and focused at work.
  • Evidence-based: UBC’s Sauder School of Business conducted a research study on the Challenge and determined among other things it significantly improves mental health, engagement and performance.
  • Successful: The Challenge has been delivered to thousands of leaders, managers and employees at a wide variety of organizations including Coca-Cola, WestJet, Harvard Law School, the Mental Health Commission of Canada and more.

The 30 Day Challenge will teach you the core skill of mindfulness so you can experience less stress, more joy and peak performance. By delivering daily lessons over 30 consecutive days and interrupting you with emails and texts, we're helping you develop new habits that will literally hard wire pathways in the brain. The more we practice Take 5 and return our attention to the present moment (research shows we spend almost 50% of our waking hours out of the present moment caught up in thinking about the future or the past!), the more we hard wire the circuitry of our brain to be and stay in the Zone.

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Explore Mindfulness

This online training is just five minutes a day, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Employees, please visit Mindfulness at VIU and register for the Challenge using your preferred email address.

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