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Physical Well-Being

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Manulife Vitality Wellness Program LogoManulife Vitality is a wellness app that rewards you for making healthy choices. Living healthy provides many physical and emotional benefits, but finding time to exercise can be hard and staying motivated can be even tougher. 

Manulife Vitality Group Benefits can help by providing the guidance you need and rewards for living healthy. The program is available to all VIU employees with extended health care coverage. Check out Vitality for full info and to register for this voluntary program. 

How to upload the Vitality app to your smartphone

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Looking for a Family Doctor?

If you are interested in a family doctor or nurse practitioner and live in a participating Primary Care Network community, register for the Health Connect Registry and get matched with a family doctor or nurse practitioner in your community. Find other suggestions for locating a family doctor at the BC College of Family Physicians webpage.

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MSK360 is a self-serve therapeutic portal which supports plan member (and eligible dependents) musculoskeletal health, at no cost. MSK360 provides the tools you need to start and maintain a healthy routine. MSK360 features include body selector tool which highlights videos based on your condition; videos and programs that support work injury prevention, stretching and strengthening, and body health education and recommendations to address topics such as pain, arthritis, pre-diabetic conditions, and pre- and post-natal care. Register for your MSK360 account to access digital content and programs: Register to access MSK360

Mindwell Resources: Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is a low impact, easy-to-learn routine that improves health, balance, and relaxation. It incorporates gentle movements with no sweating or straining and requires no special clothing or equipment. This class is appropriate for beginners and for people with past Tai Chi experience. We will learn about body alignment, gravity, motion, and power. We will practice deep breathing and strategies for relaxing and reducing anxiety. Come have fun and enjoy getting healthy together.

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Teladoc Medical Experts

Teladoc Medical Experts (formerly "Best Doctors") is a healthcare consulting service available to VIU employees with extended health benefits and covered family members. Whether you are seeking an expert second opinion on a medical diagnosis, questioning surgery, need help finding the right specialist or want advice about a health issue, Teladoc Medical Experts will provide you with the answers you need to confidently move forward with your care. Eligible VIU employees and family members can call 1.877.419.2378 or fill out the Teladoc Medical Experts online form.

Learn more about Teladoc Medical Experts

TME March Newsletter – Sleep

Lifestyle Health Coaching – telephonic one-to-one coaching

When it comes to your health, how are you feeling? Feel like you could use a little extra help to get you where you want to be? Manulife’s Lifestyle Health Coaching service might be what you need to convert “not so good habits” into “healthy” ones. Working with a qualified professional Lifestyle Health Coach is like having a virtual trainer, nutritionist or health supporter completely dedicated to you. This program is available to all VIU employees with extended health care coverage. Contact the service by calling 1.855.584.4004 or emailing

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Home Office Ergonomics

  • Office Ergonomics Self-Assessment Tool 
    The MoveSafe Office Ergonomics Self-Assessment Tool will help you identify and resolve potential office ergonomic issues. Learn how to adjust and position your equipment to fit you better, and take the time to make any necessary modifications as you work your way through the assessment.
  • MoveSafe Home Office Worker Guide 
    Everything you need to know about preparing and maintaining the body, imparting movement into the workday, preparing your work area, adapting available home furnishings to establish an ergonomic home office and learning how to sit properly, hold a mouse properly, text without neck strain, etc. 
  • View this MoveSafe webinar (password: MoveSafe) to learn tactics on how to set up a home office as well as movement to keep the body  healthy.

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Employee and Family Assistance available 24/7 at 1.800.663.1142 or visit Homewood Health.

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