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Orientation Sessions

These learning opportunities are designed for new employees to connect with services and areas on campus that are essential to starting on campus or transitioning to a new role.

New Faculty Orientation to Teaching

Offered by the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning 

An introduction to resources for designing learning experiences for your students.

Session #1, August 25, 2020 

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Event will take place online, to view Open Zoom

Pre-register through InVIU
Contact for questions: Stephanie Didsbury

Session #2, August 28, 2020 

8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Event will take place online, to view Open Zoom

Pre-register through InVIU
Contact for questions: Stephanie Didsbury

General Orientation for All New Employees

New employee orientation is an opportunity to connect with VIU’s key programs and services to ensure your VIU career is a success. Sessions will be offered through Zoom throughout the week on a variety of pertinent topics. Please pre-register for the days of orientation that interest you.

Pre-register through InVIU; Event will take place online, Zoom ID to follow

Monday, August 17

Human Resources and Wellness

Renee Brown, Benefits Coordinator and Brenda McKay, Human Resources Director

Join us for an introduction to HR services and a discovery of the wellness opportunities at VIU. Come learn about how human resources works with managers, faculty and staff at VIU. Discover the perks of being a VIU employee, including health and wellness opportunities that are embedded into our culture.

FIPPA, Understanding Privacy Legislation

Nadia Rowe, Legal Counsel

What are the key things you need to know in order to be compliant with the Freedom of Information and

Protection of Privacy Act? In this session you will learn what you need to know about creating and/or managing records and confidential information. If you have ever wondered if you should be keeping that note or sending that email, this is the session for you.

Accommodating Students with Disabilities

Mary Anne Oxendale, Disability Access Technician; Alea Mills, Assessment and Exam Invigilation Technician; Beth Devolder, Disability Access Educational Advisor

An overview of the accommodation process when working with students registered with Disability Access Services at VIU.

Tuesday, August 18

Information Technology and Helpdesk

Chris Buechler, IT Service Desk Team Lead

In this session, you will learn about VIU Technology and our amazing Helpdesk! We will be covering such things as: information security at VIU; what we can help with, and what we can’t; the VIU Technology website; and the ins and outs of purchasing technology at VIU.

Marketing and Communications

Aly Winks, Internal Communications Coordinator and Shari Bishop-Bowes, Strategic Marketing Manager

An overview of how Communications can support your area. You’ll cover topics like media relations, social media, content creation, protocol support, internal communications and university event support. Learn about the tools and systems in place to help tell the story of your department and your projects.

What is VIU’s brand all about, how do you use VIU’s logo correctly, and where do you go if you have questions about marketing or branding? The strategic marketing department is here to help!  You will get some information on why branding is important, and some great tips on how to use VIU’s logo properly. You will also find out where to get more information on topics like social media, photography and videography, email signatures, branding for faculties, programs and departments, and some of the services this department offers.

Getting to Know Mariners Athletics and Recreation

Matt Kellow, Athletics and Recreation Technician

Join Mariners Athletics & Recreation Technician, Matt Kellow, who will introduce new employees to all the services offered by athletics & recreation. Learn how to get your gym membership, register for activities online and take a virtual tour of the gym facility. Get your varsity spirit flowing with an introduction to the VIU mariners - champions on and off the courts. Learn about the success of our varsity programs along with how you can show your support for student-athletes.

Wednesday, August 19

Library Services

Lara Wright, Associate University Librarian and Lori Walter,  Librarian and Coordinator for Copyright and Open Licensing

Come to this session to learn a little about what VIU’s libraries have to offer, and what plans are in store. VIU Library is known as a leader in its class for consistently identifying, leveraging, and advancing strategic regional, national, and international collaborations, from which many benefits accrue. The library continues to transform, along with VIU, in response to the communities we serve. We are proud of our reputation and committed to continual improvement.

As VIU continues to offer increasingly diverse yet specialized programs, to engage with and serve our region, and to build and expand reciprocal relationships with Indigenous communities and partners, the challenges and opportunities for VIU Library mount. A vital centre and networked hub, the Library provides critical resources, services, and expertise that support VIU in advancing its goals.

Working with the Registration Centre

Fred Jacklin, University Registrar

Working with the registration centre: finding out how to view your class lists is just the beginning…

The focus of this session will make it most relevant to academic program instructors.  The registrar will review several important aspects of VIU academic student records and our rules and regulations. Topics will include, finding your class list; the course waitlist process; the “no show” policy; course adding and dropping; gradebook and grading; scheduling exams; and confidentiality of student records.

Student Health and Well-Being

Faye Shedletzky, Counsellor and Sara LaMarre, Mental Health Strategist

Orientation to Counselling services at VIU including opportunities for support for Faculty and staff.

Thursday, August 20

Overview of the Aboriginal Education and Engagement Office

Sylvia Scow, Aboriginal Projects Coordinator and Elder Support

Na’tsa’ maht Shqwaluwun, One Heart, One Mind. This session will provide a brief overview of the role and mandate of the Office of Aboriginal Education and Engagement within VIU, identifying key resources and professional development opportunities available for employees. Included in this discussion will be a brief introduction to VIU’s practice of recognizing local First Nation protocol.


Nicole Vaugeois, AVP, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

This session will highlight the importance and benefits of community engaged scholarship at VIU. Examples from across the institution will be used to showcase the range of ways that faculty, students and staff are engaging with community partners in the region.

Understanding Purchasing and Finance

Gary Gray, Procurement Operations Manager and Lynda Albury, Accounts Payable Interim Manager

Show me the money! Learn what you need to do to order something, pay for something or submit an expense claim. This session will provide information on how to make purchases for VIU and the programs in place to assist with purchasing.

You will learn how petty cash funds work and other methods for paying suppliers. Other topics covered include how to process expense claims and who can approve or sign purchases and contracts on behalf of VIU.

Exploring Payroll Services

Tracy Zandee, Payroll Manager

Find out everything you need to know about your biweekly payroll. Senior Payroll staff will guide you through the important information about your pay, deductions and how you can view all of this in the Payroll Portal. The impacts of Project AURORA* on payroll will also be explored.

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