VIU Nanaimo Campus looking southeast

New Employee Orientation

Welcome to Vancouver Island University. We am pleased you have joined our vibrant, supportive VIU community. We know our faculty and staff are the most important resource we have – and are the reason we can provide such a unique, exceptional experience for our students.

In joining VIU, you have become part of the VIU Education Enterprise Region – our vision for the local economy that is evolving from resource extraction to knowledge-based. We see our role in this enterprise as training those who will complete this transformation, and you, like all of our faculty and staff will be a vital part of that process. Each person who works here – regardless of what their job description says – makes an important contribution to the educational, personal and professional successes of each student.

We believe that education is the most reliable way to improve the socio-economic conditions of a population and drive social change. In this role, we hope to expand our reach and continue to develop strong community relationships within our region, and grow the network of post-secondary institutions we work with. We are also very proud of the relationships we have with Indigenous Peoples in our regions and beyond, and are committed to taking a leadership role in supporting the process of reconciliation.

The biggest opportunity we have is to help those who would not otherwise attend post-secondary education understand why they should and provide the encouragement and support they need to apply. As a learning-first institution, we aim to surround our students with the supports they require to achieve their best possible outcomes. This goes far beyond the content in the classroom – it is providing the appropriate additional services so, if and when they need help, they can easily find it in VIU’s inclusive, safe environment.

These supports extend to our faculty and staff as well. We will strive to ensure you have a positive, engaging work environment where you can thrive personally and professionally. Along with this goes a high set of expectations because we believe so strongly in your ability to do great things here.  

Again, welcome and thank-you for joining our team of passionate, creative professionals who are dedicated to helping our students succeed each and every day.