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Lifestyle Health Coaching

When it comes to your health, how are you feeling? Feel like you could use a little extra help to get you where you want to be? The Lifestyle Health Coaching service might be just what you need to change those “not so good habits” into “healthy” ones.

Lifestyle Health Coaching provides you with the opportunity to improve your health by working – one- on-one – with a qualified professional Lifestyle Health Coach. Access to the service is quick and easy - just one call using a confidential toll free phone number.

Participation in the program is completely voluntary and made available to you at no additional cost through your group benefits plan. Working with a Lifestyle Health Coach is like having a virtual trainer, nutritionist, or health supporter completely dedicated to you.

How it works

Contact the service by calling 1-855-584-4004 or sending an email to

  • Lifestyle Health Coach will contact you to arrange a meeting time that is convenient for you.
  • Your Lifestyle Health Coach will ask you how you want to complete the Health Risk Assessment questionnaire – independently or together.
  • The results of this assessment will serve as the starting point for determining your potential health risks and health education needs. Of course, any information that you share with the Lifestyle Health Coach is private and confidential.
  • After the initial assessment, the Lifestyle Health Coach will continue working with you to create your own personalized health plan. Areas of focus may include:

    • coping strategies;

    • active living;

    • sleep or fatigue management;

    • nutrition support, or

    • smoking cessation.

In total, you can receive up to six hours of Lifestyle Health Coaching consultation. Resources are provided by the Lifestyle Health Coach and are available through easy to access information sources including websites, brochures and community resources or services.

What’s great is there’s no cost to you to use the Lifestyle Health Coach Service! We make every effort to recommend tools and services that you may already have available to you through your group benefits plan, or low- to no-cost community-based programming alternatives when possible.

“It was great to have a neutral and knowledgeable person to talk to, to help evaluate my situation, given my goals, and to suggest an action plan… yet she wasn’t pushy and always checked to see if I was on board.”

J.S., plan member and Lifestyle Health Coaching participant.

Supporting you at work

We believe the  Lifestyle Health Coaching service is one more way to demonstrate our commitment to a healthier workforce. As part of your overall group benefits plan, we endeavour to provide easy, cost

effective access to education and tools that help you realize optimal health.

Think Lifestyle Health Coaching may be the right choice for you? Schedule your appointment to speak with a Lifestyle Health Coach call 1-855-584-4004 or send an email request to