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Homewood Health Newsletters:

Contending with rotator cuff tendinitis:  Rotator Cuff Tendinitis 

July 2019 -  Healthy Habits: Positive Influences on Mental Health and Addiction -- No matter how insignificant they may seem, allowing yourself to see the good in every day, appreciating the beauty of natural surroundings, and reaching out for help, or helping others, can be powerful daily additions as you build strength and resilience.

March 2018 - The Importance of Sleep -- In order to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you need to ensure sleep is a priority. Lack of sleep can cause you to get sick mentally and physically, so be aware of the symptoms of lack of sleep, and actively work each night to ensure you keep your sleep schedule.

February 2018 - Learning About Eating Disorders -- There is much to know about eating disorders, and the impact it has on one’s mental and physical health. In this edition of LifeLines, we will explore potential causes of eating disorders, identify recognizable symptoms to be aware of, types of eating disorders,
and what measures can be used to prevent an eating disorder from forming.

January 2018 - Preparting for the New Year: Maintaining Your Mental Health - Looking forward to the next 365 days often brings about hopes of new beginnings, the potential to do better and perhaps the resolve to tackle both new and existing aspirations.

December 2017 - Ten Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance - This newsletter provides information on the benefits of having balance in your life, and the methods that can support your work-life balance efforts.

From Kids to Retirement - The emotional and intellecutual stages one passes through from childhood to retirement as a family member are called the family life cycle. Read more to find out how you can navigate through this cycle successfully to facilitate a positive and healthy family dynamic.

November 2017 - How Taking Care of Your Finances Can Reduce Your Stress Level - The relationship between mental health and finances in some instances are dynamically linked. This issue of Life Lines provides information on different methods to improve your finances in support of your mental health.

October 2017 - Mindfulness: Meditation and Everyday Practice - Explore the benefits of meditation, and how to begin practicing mindfulness meditation.

September 2017 - Understanding Depression - This newsletter provides information on the difference between sadness and depression, signs of depression, and ways to manage depressive symptoms.

August 2017 - The Sobering Facts About Addiction - Addiction is complex. By understanding addiction, we are more equipped to understand how addiction manifests and the implications it can have on the addicted individual.

The Impact of Sleep on Your Health - There are many serious health risks associated with not getting enough sleep. Try to get eight hours of sleep per night; reducing that optimal eight hours by two or three per night can increase the odds of developing conditions such as Alzheimer's, Cardiovascular Disease, Depression, Obesity.

July 2017 - Uncovering the Faces of Anxiety - Find out the differences between "anxiety" and "anxiety disorders." What causes an anxiety disorder? The newsletter includes tips on how to manage the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Reducing Mental Health Stigma - People with mental health disorders are often hesitant to tell their families, friends or employer of their struggles for fear of being labelled or having to face discrimination. Others are told to "snap out of it" or "toughen up." It's important to know that mental health disorders can be treated, often with excellent results.

June 2017 - Resilience Through Chronic Physical Conditions - When you or someone you know has a chronic health condition, feelings of isolation and loneliness can be overwhelming. This newsletter contains some recommended approaches to increase resilience.

Transgender: Where to Find and How to Give Support - This issue of Vitality explores resources available to support transgender people and includes a link to the Government of Canada Rights of LGBTI Persons.

May 2017 - Youth, Teens and Mental Health - Learn the signs to look for in youth who are struggling with mental health issues. As a parent, actively provide the tools and skills to help your child problem solve, resolve conflict and help cope with normal roadblocks.

April 2017 - Six Steps to Reducing Work Stress - Find out why reducing stress is important to your overall health. If you are feeling symptoms of stress, these six steps may help you.

Dangers of Social Media on Your Mental Health - This supplemental edition focuses on how to determine if social media is impacting your mental health and offers steps to take to lower the social media effect on your mental health.

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