VIU Students

What is Early Alert?

The Early Alert System is a VIU student success and retention tool for faculty to identify and refer students in difficulty who may benefit from additional support. 

Staff, students and guests to VIU can use the Incident Report to report concerning student behaviours and specific incidents. Submit an Incident Report.

Many students arrive at university unfamiliar with the post-secondary environment and unprepared for the demands of university studies and life.  Students can quickly become overwhelmed and fall behind, struggling to understand expectations and manage their own learning. 

A referral through the Early Alert System allows VIU to direct the student to appropriate resources when assistance is most likely to allow the student to make the corrections necessary to be successful.

It is important that the starting place for student support and referral be a conversation between the instructional faculty and student. Early Alert is ideally a second step in that process. Please begin the process with a conversation with the student as often issues can be resolved and referrals can be made.

Send Early Alert now

Thank you for your commitment to using Early Alert. Early intervention with appropriate support services can help students salvage their academic year.

PLEASE NOTE: Early Alert System is NOT intended for referring students in situations of immediate crisis or where concerns about student health and safety are present. Call 250-740-6600 or call 911.