VIU Students

Waitlists and How They Work

Vancouver Island University maintains the concept of open access by operating under a priority registration system. Students are given a registration appointment based on the length of time they have been students here and the number of credits they have completed, not their GPA. This provides them with a better opportunity to enrol in the courses they need to complete their program.

The waitlist procedure is in effect from the very first day of registration right through the first 6 days of the semester.

Before the semester starts

Once a class is full or a waitlist is established*, the registration system will place new registrants on a waitlist based on the date and time they register. Then each Monday to Friday night the system checks to see if any enrolled students have dropped out, and will automatically place the next qualified student in the class. This means that for courses with reserves, students meeting the reserve requirement will be selected first, then other waitlist students are selected by order of priority on the waitlist. Students who are moved from the waitlist into a class during this period are sent an email notifying them of this change.

Once the semester starts, the waitlist process changes

After the semester begins, if a seat becomes available to a student on the waitlist, it will be "Held" for them for one day only. Waitlisted students must check their online student record daily to see if a seat is being held for them, and if they still want to take that class, they must "Claim" the seat that is being held for them (either online by 11:30 pm or in-person by 3:30 pm). If a student does not claim the seat on the day it becomes available, they have lost their place on the waitlist. Please note that the waitlist only rolls over Monday to Friday, no changes take place Saturday and Sunday. After the 6th day of the semester, all waitlists are removed, and students wishing to be added to the class must go through the Late Registration process.

*A waitlist is established in some courses with reserves even if they aren't full when a student who does not meet the reserve requirements attempts to register. The student will be placed on the waitlist, thereby establishing a waitlist. If a student who does meet the reserve requirement tries to register after them they will be placed on the waitlist as well until the system does the overnight check. At which time the "Reserve" students requirement will be confirmed and the student will be placed in the class.