VIU Students

Section Code Guidelines

The following format is used to create all new course sections and to access online Class Lists, Wait Lists, and Grade Entry.

1st Character

Denotes the Semester:

F Fall
S Spring
I Intersession/Summer
M Summer credit courses beginning in May
J Summer credit courses beginning in June
C Continuous Intake
Y Year Long

2nd and 3rd Characters

Denotes the Year (i.e. 21 = 2021 and 22 = 2022)

4th Character

Denotes the Campus:

N Nanaimo
D Duncan/Cowichan
R Powell River
Q Parksville/Qualicum
X Outside of VIU Region
W Online/Web

5th & 6th Characters

Denotes the section number based on the funding type for the course:

01-39 Base Funded, Tuition Dependent, Trades or Cost Recovery (Non-Credit)
50-59 External Contract
70-79 Cost Recovery (Credit, ESL, MBA)
80-89 Directed Studies/Senior Projects
90-99 Prior Learning Assessment

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