VIU Students

Late Registrations and Late Withdrawals

Once the waitlist has run its course, providing students with reasonable access to courses based on Vancouver Island University's priority registration system, faculty will have full control over which student will have access to available seats in their class.

Late Registration

The waitlist period lasts for the first six days of the semester. If a student wishes to register in a course after the waitlist period, they require special permission.

Generally speaking, if it is within the first two weeks and there is room in the class, faculty are strongly encouraged to grant permission and approve the request. After this time, most faculty are very cautious to grant permission as the student may have already missed too much class time.

Late Course Registration Procedure :
We now have an automated process to replace the Request for Late Course Registration form. Once the waitlist period expires after the first six days of the semester, students will be able to request late course registration using the Web Registration System within their student record.
If a student requests registration in one of your courses, you will be notified by email and given step-by-step instructions on how to approve or decline the request. Late Course Registration Instructions for Faculty.

Late Withdrawal

A student can withdraw from a course without an academic penalty within eight weeks from the start of the semester. This can be done online or in person at the Registration Centre.

In the event of demonstrated exceptional circumstances - such as death in the immediate family, a student's illness or accident, serious emotional problems, or an error on the part of the university - a student may be able to withdraw without academic penalty from a course or program after the deadline, with the approval of the instructor and Dean of Instruction. In cases where a student is withdrawing from all courses, the request for late withdrawal is subject to the approval of the Registrar.

Students must complete a Late Withdrawal form, citing reasons for the withdrawal and providing documentation where appropriate. Late Withdrawal forms are also available from the Registration Centre.


Sometimes students want to get back into a class after they have withdrawn from it or have been de-registered from it. This might be okay, or they might have missed too many classes to have any reasonable chance to be successful.  They do not have an absolute right to be re-registered, and unless and until they have been re-registered they do not have a legal right to attend classes!

After discussing their situation with you, if you wish to welcome them back into the class please sign and date a completed Course Re-Registration form. The student will then take the signed form in person to the Registration Centre to be re-registered in the course. 

Students who have been de-registered because they have not paid their tuition or other relevant fees will not be re-registered until they have paid their overdue fees.