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What is Early Alert?

Early Alert is a tool used by faculty to connect students with resources that may be helpful in achieving success at VIU. If a faculty member identifies any concerning behaviours, he or she may make a referral to Early Alert; for example, repeated lateness and absences; decline in quality or quantity of work; signs of distress.

First you will receive an email telling you that your instructor has sent an Early Alert on your behalf. Your instructor has done this out of concern for your success. Next, the Early Alert team will contact you, offering a range of supports. Participation in Early Alert is voluntary and confidential. Referral or support through Early Alert will not appear on your transcript. Its purpose is to support you to be successful in your educational endeavours.

What do I do if I receive an alert?

You are receiving the alert because your instructor cares about you and your academic success and your personal wellness. Please follow up with the recommended resources as they are there to assist you.

Can I refer myself?

You can refer yourself directly to any of these student support resources on campus:

Questions about Early Alert?