VIU Students

Graduation Information

How do students apply to graduate?

In order to graduate (receive their VIU credential), all students must submit an application to graduate, regardless of whether or not they intend to participate in a convocation ceremony. Applying to graduate  enables the student to receive their parchment and have the official notation of graduation on their official transcript, once their program requirements have been met.

Students apply to graduate by logging into their online student record and selecting “Apply to Graduate” from the menu. A graduation/alumni fee is charged to the student’s account when they apply to graduate. Full information for students is available at

Once the graduation/alumni fee has been paid, the student’s graduation application is immediately visible in the Grad App system for the degree advisor, chair or coordinator to review. 

Exception:  students in an entry-level Trades or vocational program do not have to enter a graduation application. Instead, a graduation application is automatically submitted for them when they enroll in the program. These students are sent an email and asked to review their graduation application for completeness and to confirm their attendance at a convocation ceremony.

How do I review and approve students’ graduation applications in the Grad App system?

Full instructions for advisors and chairs or coordinators are available in the brief Grad App manual.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Grad App?

Please contact Lyn Johnson at or Local 2281, or Lorrie Hayden at or Local 2234.

Where can I find information about the convocation ceremony?

Please visit the convocation webpage. Further questions can be directed to Lorrie Hayden at