VIU Students


Grades must be entered into a student's record within 21 days of the course end date.

Assignment of final grades can be done using VIU's standard Grade Scale using either Class List Management or Gradebook. If a grade has not been submitted within the required time frame, a grade of NGS (No Grade Submitted), will be entered by Records. Further instructions on specific grade entry procedures.

VIU's Gradebook program is an excellent tool to track student marks and course assignments and post final grades.

Note that if you assign an Incomplete (INC) or In Progress (INP) grade, you must fill out the appropriate form and submit it to the Records Office for processing.

Grade Forms:

Incomplete Grade Form: (PDF) (DOC)
In Progress Grade Form: (PDF) (DOC)
Grade Change Form: (PDF) (DOC)

If you have any further questions regarding grade entry, please contact:

Dawn Kupchanko
Records Clerk

Phone: Local 2757