VIU Students

Grade Entry Procedure

Final grades are due 21 days after the last day of the class.

Go to Class List Management under Course Information on the Registration/Student Record page and sign in with your VIU Username and Password.

From this page, you will either select your course from those listed, or search for your course by using the Course ID and Intake fields and clicking the Get Course link.

From the next page you can choose to use the Enter Final Grades function, or enter your grades using the Gradebook feature.

Enter Final Grades: Click on the drop-down arrow under New Grade and select the appropriate grade from the drop-down menu adjacent to the students' name, or type in the first letter of the grade to quickly jump down the list. Use Tab to move down the list and enter all grades for your section.

You may also choose to enter a percentage instead of a letter grade, in which case the system will generate the letter grade for you

Once you have entered grades for all students, select the Submit These Grades button.

The system will then generate the Final Grade Submission Results showing the students and their new grades. Please review the grades that you have entered. If you have entered these grades correctly, click OK. You may want to print this page for your records. If you find a grade entry error, you can easily make an adjustment by closing the Submission Results page, fixing the error and re-submitting the grades.

If you wish to enter grades for another course or section, click on the Return to Course Selection link enter the new course name and section number. Instructors using this online grade entry process do not need to submit paper grade sheets to the Records Office.

Gradebook: Instructions for using gradebook to mark assignments, upload course outlines and enter final grades can be found on the Gradebook Instructions page.

Important Notes:

  • You will not be able to enter grades for a course section unless you are listed as an instructor for that course. Please contact the your Area Secretary if you are not able to enter grades for this reason.
  • If a class list does not show up for grade entry, check the end date of the course. If it is more than 21 days past that end date, online grade entry is not available. Please submit the grades to Records by either printing out the class list and writing in the desired grades and sending via interoffice mail, or by submitting the request to If submitting by email, be sure to include the following:
    • the specific course code and section
    • student name(s) and number(s)
    • the necessary letter grade(s)
  • If a student has not attended your first scheduled class and has not notified your office that they are not attending, they should immediately be assigned a grade of No Show (NS). Once this grade is assigned by you, the Records office will notify the student that this action has been taken. See No Shows and Attendance for more information.
  • At the end of the semester if a student has not attended your class and their name still appears on the grade entry screen, they should be assigned a "UW" grade. These students have not formally withdrawn from your course. Do not leave their grade field blank.
  • For other grade entry issues please contact the Records Department.