VIU Students

Goal Planning System (GPS)

What is GPS?

GPS is VIU’s Goal Planning System. It is a tool to help plan a student’s educational path and to ensure that they have all the credits needed to complete a credential.

Currently the following credentials can be planned using VIU's GPS:

  • Master's degrees
  • Bachelor's degrees
  • Post-Degree diplomas
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates

GPS enables students and advisors to see exactly which courses are required to complete a given VIU credential. It also shows how the courses already taken will apply to the credential and highlights courses that are still needed in order to complete the desired goal.

Logging in to GPS

GPS can be accessed at the following URL: We suggest you bookmark this link. Students can access the system from within their online student record.

If the Records department has assigned you a GPS username and password, use these on the login screen. Note that your GPS username and password are not linked to your VIU employee username and password, and GPS passwords do not expire - you will never be prompted to change your GPS password.

  • If you do not have a GPS username and password, or you do not remember your login credentials, please email
  • To change your password, click on your username on the right-hand side of the main navigation bar (navbar), and select “reset password.”
    • Enter and confirm your new password, then select “reset password.”

Once you are logged on you will be taken to the home page.

Home Page & Student Search

From the home page you can search for a VIU student by name or student number and view their course history, academic goals, and exceptions. You can also update the student’s GPS record to immediately download live student record information instead of waiting for the next scheduled system refresh.

Within GPS you can create, edit, and delete academic goals for the student, as well as run audits on any goals. 

View the complete GPS Advisor Manual for instructions on adding or editing goals, creating audits and forcing exceptions for students. Note that your menu options may look different from the examples shown in the manual, depending on your role and level of access.

Log in to GPS.

For more information or assistance, contact:

Melissa Manhas
Curriculum Systems Clerk
Records Department